2018 Sydney Design Awards

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Project Overview

Professionail Hornsby is a new direction within the Professionail franchise family. The salon celebrates feminity, thoughtfully engages with customers inviting them to enjoy distinctive experiences.

Project Commissioner

Professionail Hornsby

Project Creator

Jason Byrne Design


Jason Byrne
Kris Wong

Project Brief

Our clients’ brief; to create a space that appealed to their existing customer base whilst encouraging new customers with a distinctive new palette. Our proposal should feel bright, modern and airy whilst allowing opportunities for privacy. Within this brief, we were asked to propose finishes that were economical in cost & application; they were to be beautiful and memorable. Throughout the design we sought to elevate everyday materials to become luxurious.

With this store, it was vital that the emphasis of our design placed customers front and centre, provided a personal experience while creating a narrative that spoke to modern customers, their expectations and aspirations.

The simplicity of the nail file inspired our concept. We utilised the nail file motif to soften the linear lines necessary for ordering the salons functionality. The nail file further evolved to become privacy screens; niches for nail polish displays and a multipurpose hand wash area.

To encourage customers to explore the salon fully, zones were placed opposing each other, with the drying station, magazine and drinks station placed in a central zone. This central zone is the heart of the salon, providing direction and privacy for customers; it best illustrates our desire for a customer centric salon.

Paints were selected in flat and glossy finishes, offering different experiences. The accent green and blue paints are deliberately chosen to encourage customers to have fun with their nail polish colour selections. They are playful statement colours, surprising and bold, they help customers to look twice.

Project Innovation/Need

Following our research of nail salons, we found a preponderance of dark, cluttered and unfriendly salons.

In developing our concept for Professionail Hornsby we wanted to bring to market a nail salon, which stood apart from its competitors. Our clients provide a quality and sophisticated service to their customers; we wanted our concept to match our clients’ reputation and vision.

Our design invites customers to a salon that is thoughtful, luxurious and meaningful. The store looks and feels airy. From reception, through to manicure and pedicure areas customers enjoy light airy spaces. Multiple unexpected touch points add to their visit. Customers enjoy complimentary beverages from a drinks station, a magazine station offers reading material readily available to both manicure and pedicure zones.

Design Challenge

Our client challenged us to be inventive with storage solutions throughout the store; previously storage had always proven problematic. We were thrilled to have exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Our nail polish displays were designed to be eye-catching, make a statement to passing foot traffic as well as providing an abundance of choices for the customer.

Storage is provided for everyday work tools, throughout the store in simple and elegant trolleys. We incorporated concealed storage within the drinks station and magazine station joinery. Our drying station incorporates a half wall of concealed storage, doubling as a privacy buffer between manicure and pedicure zones.


In creating this store within a Westfield location we were mindful that the store would require refreshing periodically by the landlord. With this in mind, we proposed a design solution, which would easily allow for future décor palette iterations with minimal structural changes.

Decorative elements within the store are designed to have a neutral grey or off-white structural component, allowing for complimentary integration within any future décor palette iterations.

Decorative components allow for repainting, refinishing or replacement. For example the shopfront privacy screens allow for the painted timber panels to be easily removed, refinished & replaced, similarly with the decorative components within the P.O.S impulse buy and nail polish displays.

The architectural wall décor elements within the store are deliberately painted plasterboard. Changes in level, height and depth with these décor walls allow light and shade to create the main décor interest, further complimented by any chosen colour palette.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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