2017 Sydney Design Awards

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Project Overview

The vision for the Mojo Luxe range was to design an elegant, sculptural range of bath ware that would stand the test of time, and yet be functional in day-to-day use.

The range is created using the highest quality materials that afford the pieces to be customised in over one hundred bespoke colours, patterns, shapes and sizes.


Axolotl in conjunction with Marblo


Jo Irwin
Kim Torma
Emmaline Cox
Jackson Wicks
Rany Obaidi

Project Brief

Jo Irwin, “It’s about form and function, striving to achieve that balance between cutting edge and timelessness.”

The Mojo Luxe range is designed with premium quality and extremely flexible mediums, Marblo and Axolotl surface treatments.

Marblo and Axolotl are both leaders in architectural surface technology and by combining their extensive capabilities, the Mojo Luxe range is unlike any bath ware available.

The body is formed from Marblo, a premium material with a luxurious smooth and silky feel. The external faces are then embellished with Axolotl’s hand applied liquid metal range, or carved designs.

Axolotl Metal is a specialist coating technology which bonds liquefied semi-precious metals such as Copper, Brass and Bronze to the surface.

With over 100 combinations of colour, texture and patina, the Mojo Luxe range can be transformed to suit any designer’s palette.

Project Innovation/Need

There is a clear gap in the bath ware market for affordable, quality products with functional and design appeal.

The Mojo Luxe range fuses sculptural form with practicality, and steps beyond the traditional shapes and materials of bath ware products.

The formed bath ware is created in malleable Marblo materials that also provide a soft matte appearance and warm touch. It would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible to recreate the shape & feel in classic bath materials such as steel and stone.

Axolotl metals are hand applied and polished onto the external faces of the basins and baths. With over 100 combinations of colour, texture and patina, the Mojo Luxe range can be transformed to suit any designer’s palette. The liquid metal technology allows semi precious metals to be bonded onto complex 3D profiles seamlessly, without the difficulty of forging and waterproofing sheet metals, or the cost & weight restrictions of cast metal.

Axolotl metals are not only striking, but make the Mojo Luxe range practical and comfortable. Users of the bath are afforded the beauty of the metal exterior, and the comfort and function of the Marblo interior.

The polished metal surfaces elevate the design and accentuate the form. Available in a wide selection of colours and textures, the choice of finish will change the look of the bath ware from modern polished Aluminium, through to a bold Copper Cayman.

Design Challenge

The Mojo Luxe range was designed to fill a gap in the bath ware market. A range that affords bespoke Australian design and quality craftsmanship at an attainable price point.

With the use of Marblo, Jo Irwin was able to realise the Mojo designs in singular moulds, and without any jointing.

Other functional considerations into the selection of the Marblo body included that it is made from natural polymers and its renewable quality; any minor scratches or surface damage can be easily refinished to a brand new surface with simple buffing.

The addition of Axolotl bespoke treatments allows the bath ware to be transformed in appearance and tailored to suit each projects design.


The Mojo Luxe range is a classic design range, created to stand the test of time.

Designed and manufactured in Australia from quality materials, the owners will enjoy extended life-of-use.

The Marblo interior can be easily refinished back to its original condition, reducing the need to replace or dispose of it. And as the cleaning of Marblo surfaces involves a light abrasive pad, no harsh chemicals are required to clean the interior or exterior of this range.

The Axolotl metals adorning the exterior of the range are also an environmentally conscious material, the metals are applied as a veneer and use significantly less metal and less power than the traditional cast or sheet metal process, and use 100% recycled metals.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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