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Fantom Doorstop Solution [DRAFT]



Project Overview

The Fantom Doorstop Solution (FDS) uses design, innovation and rare-earth magnet technology to deliver a fully concealed, trip hazard free doorstop solution that out looks, lasts and out performs all doorstops on the market today.


HGT Innovations Pty Ltd


The Fantom Doorstop Solution (FDS) was invented and created by Mark Sellar, the Director and Founder of HGT Innovations Pty Ltd. Working with a small team of industry professionals, product engineers and designers, Mark and the team have taken the FDS from concept to full scale manufacturing inside 2 years.

Project Brief

The Fantom Doorstop Solution (FDS) is like no other on the market today. Using rare-earth magnet technology the FDS eliminates the trip hazard by concealing all product components either inside the door itself, or hidden below floor level.

The patented design of the FDS attributes an in-floor pin that is activated by the passing over of the rare-earth magnet concealed within the door. Once activated, the pin strikes the specially designed and individually patented 'dimple and lip' striker plate which not only stops the door, but also holds it firmly in the open position.

The unique hold-open feature eliminates wind drafts from slamming doors, and also assists in situations in aged care where people need to be safely moved in and out of rooms without the door closing on them.

Project Innovation/Need

Doorstops are a trip hazard, difficult to clean around and are unsightly. Whether they are installed on the skirting board or fixed directly to the floor, they pose a genuine trip hazard and make cleaning around them difficult.

The FDS is completely trip hazard free and can be fixed anywhere on the floor within the doors swinging arc. Because the FDS is finished flush to the floor, it also poses no cleaning issues. You can vacuum, mop and sweep straight over the top of the FDS without any consideration it even being there.

Hold-open devices are often required to eliminate slamming doors and in medical needs situations. Majority of these are installed in an overhead closer and cost 5-10x that of the FDS. The FDS provides a cost effective, aesthetic solution to this problem.

Design Challenge

The doorstop industry has lacked any form of innovation for over 20 years. Never before has a doorstop been a feature of a home, until now.

Mark and the team at HGT saw a need in the market for something better, something that wasn't a genuine hazard, something that wasn't unsightly or expensive, something innovative and new that could change the way people stopped the doors in their homes..The Fantom Doorstop was born.

To achieve this we needed a moving part, which requires some form of energy. Having not wanting to complicate the process by including wiring for an electrical feed, we decided on sourcing a powerful rare-earth magnet.

The strength of the magnet activates the nickel plated pin onto the stainless steel striker plate in 2/25 of a second, rendering the activation extremely strong and immediate.


Doorstops in the market today have a very low installed warranty. They break, come out of the ground, rubber stops fall off and just don't last very long in general.

The FDS has a life time warranty on the magnet and with majority of the components concealed, requiring next to no maintenance and pose a very low threat of replacement.

By identifying a problem and a need, the team at HGT have created an innovation in an otherwise changeless market. The FDS is revolutionary in design and functionality and poses to change the doorstop market as we know it today.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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