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25 February - Launch Deadline
25 March - Standard Deadline
29 April - Late Deadline
17 June - Judging
24 June - Winners Announced
20 July - Awards Presentation

Taishin International Bank HQ Christmas Decoration [DRAFT]

Project Overview

For this year’s Christmas decoration, Taishin International Bank HQ challenged us to fabricate a Christmas tree that would be site-specific and tailored made for their specific glass building. To differentiate the contrast to last year’s design, our design and fabrication team wanted to create a three-dimensional cone structure that would seamlessly protrude from the outer glass panels and curve along the building to create a uniformed structure.

Project Commissioner

Taishin International Bank

Project Creator

Glittering Newly International Co. LTD

Project Brief

Our design brief was to create a technological installation that could display dynamic animations balancing both traditional art and the digitalized world. The animation team would create several different dynamic effects and visuals to captivate audiences, challenging the status quo of how a Christmas tree should be. Interactive elements were included into the surrounding displays to attract spectators to engage with the vivid designs. The final design was a cohesive modernized Christmas exhibition that wrapped around the exterior of the glass building entertaining both bystanders nearby traffic.

Project Innovation/Need

To differentiate from last year’s design, our engineering and design team needed an innovative way to change the single plane Christmas tree from last year to this year’s three-dimensional structural cone. To accomplish this feat, the team had to custom fabricate steel panels and using laser technology to precisely cut and shape each individual pieces of the frame. By drilling 50,000 one-centimeter holes into the panels, we were able to allow each individual lighting pixel to be accurately arranged which enhances the visuals of the display and allowed more variety to be used in the design of the animations.

Design Challenge

The most challenging aspect of the design was to create and fabricate the steel cone structure that would make the base and frame of the Christmas tree. Not only does the structure have to be safely constructed along the glass panels, structural integrity and resistance to the weather was paramount. To accomplish this task, several industrial calculations and modeling had to be made for each steel piece to be cut to the precise specification for installation. With the addition of 50,000 pixels carefully aligned and installed, the result was a spectacular Christmas light show with dazzling animations enchanting the crowd.


Since our fabrications are custom made, we can save time and efficiency during the assembly and breakdown process. As each installation can be broken down to individual pieces, storage space can be reduced, and pieces can be reused for future needs. All the lighting we used for the project are LED lamps which not only diminishes energy consumption, but also carbon footprint. Both we and the client deeply care about sustainability and it is our goal to continue to create designs and installations that promote a better environment for all.

This award celebrates creative and innovative lighting design or effects in indoor or outdoor spaces.
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