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Project Overview

The project breaks the building limit and applies the montage to create mirror image, linear layout, light shadow shuttling, and symmetry to further enhance the interactions and luxury sensual experience. Furthermore, the cream color and rosy furniture appear more mellow. The simple and neat black marble platforms, light stripes and titanium frames are extended outwards that sounds like a metaphor for Buddhism belief, majestical and sacred; All room floors are marbled ceramic plates to substitute natural ore, which are recoverable, and thereby reduce stone mining and natural resources loss.


Dreamer Interior Design

Project Brief

In the same way, this scheme also applies the montage to link several different elements, and through mirror virtual image to extend layout visual limit, thus amplifying the luxury sensual experience. Those simple and neat modern lines roaming around imaginary and actual boundary with exquisite classical symmetry technique, while black and white marble veins are intertwined with light champagne gold to make up luxury and fashion space container, which are designed to make cream color and rosy furniture appear more mellow. In addition, the designer also extends such titanium frames, light strips and glass lines outwards to spread invisible beliefs through mirror view opening. Besides, private areas are merged with sweet, gentle, delicate, elegant styles with bathroom accessories to correspond new era women’s life attitudes and aesthetic tastes.

Project Innovation/Need

How to free up space, add delicacy, family exchange and spiritual belief are the scheme’s major points. For this reason, the designer has gathered several symmetry axes to create living communications and interactions. Moreover, it also makes ceiling mirror space into a public area loft with the help of sight angle calculation, and matches up with laser television technology to solve reflection, thus hide the anti-beam screen into main wall’s inter layer. Titanium frames, light strips and display areas are intertwined to delivery an invisible spirit of belief, and also integrated into a moving beam column structure to display its multiple functions. As for private areas, the designer then, through layout, function pattern, color and texture arrangements, echoes those aesthetic views from women in different ages.

Design Challenge

Those mansions located at metropolitan area are still limited by tall building of apartment, and as time goes on and impact of globalization, the people’s lifestyles have perfectly introjected multi-cultural characteristics, beliefs and personal styles. For this reason, this scheme has integrated the conception of montage, through mirror ceiling design to create a reflection space and with the help of classical symmetry technique to again multiply spatial sense and texture quality; furthermore, it also re-analyzes and combines living role, structural function, humanistic emotion, through space design narration to merge those seemingly conflict and contrastive concepts such as the west and east, technology and belief, public and individual, etc. into a harmonious and colorful mansion sensation.


Living room ceiling adopts mirror design, which breaks the space box pattern limit, to enhance user’s perception and experience on actual space and strengthen outdoors lighting and indoors lamp, together with neat vertical linearity and LED light stripes, that can both save resource usage and achieve a luxury and fashion tall space vision. In addition to this, all room floors are marbled ceramic plates to substitute natural ore, which are all recoverable, and thereby reduce stone mining and natural resources loss.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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