SUNAC Future Glory Experience Hall [DRAFT]


Project Overview

Guiyang, where the project is located, has more of an economic mission and urban vision, a modern city surrounded by a natural environment where people walk in the streets but also quietly watch the drifting clouds. Life here is romantic.
Against the background of the unique area, the spatial and community creation extends a richer living radius for the residents, from connecting the community residents to the urban ideal and humanistic spirit, which is the core demand of this case. The creation of the forest experience area is our consistent goal.


Sunac China Southwest Group



Project Brief

The project from the overall planning, garden landscape, house type research, and development are combined with the new needs, new culture and new experience of the life of the young clientele, the overall project layout I sharing, I games, I sport three major sections, at the same time combined with the excellent educational resources around the project, interpretation of the new generation's parent-child lifestyle, to create a parent-child boundless Mori Paradise, committed to creating the original parent-child Mori living as the theme of the ideal community, to provide the best growth environment for the future children, creating a natural education camp parent-child interactive park.

Project Innovation/Need

Interpreting the parent-child lifestyle of the new generation, creating a parent-child boundless Mori Paradise, a natural kingdom in the eyes of children, and creating five customized parent-child life systems.
1、 Humanity without boundaries: breaking the limitation of education distance, choosing the site next to the first echelon of famous schools, 3 kilometers of 18 years of all-school-age education cluster, the future of the child starts from there.
2. No boundaries for living: embrace the native landscape resources, let nature, garden, and life live in harmony, observe the growth of a tree, and let children explore the world at home.
3、Growth without boundaries: break away from the traditional model, create new childlike fun, and cultivate children's growth in all aspects.
4、Socialization without boundaries: Give children their own social field, children advocate art parlor, operational children's theme shelf, call friends and draw companions, happy children walk.
5. Enjoyment without boundaries: beyond the traditional restrictions of places, 120cm height public facilities, a customized landscape of large areas, creating themed spaces, perfectly matching life and spiritual needs.
The landscape of the park is designed with a bookstore in the forest, parent-child reading lawn, children's theme park, children's outdoor meeting room, aerobic parent-child sports theme space, etc.

Design Challenge

The two sides of the site are surrounded by two major native mountains with different height differences, and the different characteristics of the mountains, such as original, terrace, valley and forest, bring challenges to the design. The design team uses the natural conditions of height differences to turn disadvantages into advantages and create more possibilities for the landscape.


In the central area of the project, we have realistically presented a double mountain park with children as the theme and squirrels as the main element, while we have purposely preserved 100% of the original forest ecology in the design of the building to guarantee that the original forest vegetation is not destroyed. Nowadays, children living in the city can be said to be deprived of opportunities to get in touch with nature. Our mountain park is connected by a string of pine forest stacks, with alternating rope nets and log steps, allowing you to feel the secret beauty of the mountain park as if you were in mid-air while ensuring safety.

This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the use of practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmentally sustainability components, taking into account climate, site and orientation, site drainage and irrigation, human and vehicular access, furnishings and lighting.
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