Global Sunac · Jiangdrool Town [DRAFT]

Image Credit : XF – Photography


Project Overview

Jiangkou is located on the peninsula where Nanhe and Fuhe converge in Pengshan District, Meishan City. The two rivers play a vital role in this project. The site is adjacent to the Pengzu Mountain in the east and visually connects to Pengshan City in the south, possessing a unique landscape pattern. It has a long cultural history. In the future, it will be planned to become the first town of Minjiang River and gradually become the bridgehead of Chengdu and Meishan.


Sunac China Southwest Group


Jiangfan Xia, Mingfeng Yu, Lele Chen, Yixiao Su, Xiaoyuan Zhou, Hongbang Zou, Limei Wen, Lihong Liu, Yongsheng Li, Zou Lu, Cheng Rong, Liu Chan, Wenxuan Luo, Chenjing Xiao, Fangrui Su

Project Brief

The sample of Jiangkou represents the image of the “front living room”, and will apply the concept to the entire town in the future. Therefore, the opening of the island is more like an early spoiler of Jiangkou and is a strong spiritual transmission as well. We hope it can become a spiritual resonance between people and the city. Therefore, before getting involved in landscape design, we began to study the culture of Jiangkou in the past. According to records, Here we can hear people’s shouts in the Wuyang teahouses. We can see the hundreds of boats passing the riversides and thousands of bright lights on the illuminated dock shining in the night sky. The Jiangkou culture was once the water transport gateway for commerce and trade in the Western Sichuan Plain.
As a comprehensive cultural tourism and resort project created by Global Sunac, Jiangkou will include the Future City. With water as its soul, the project integrates into the construction of the Jinjiang Green Axis to create a leisurely bay that includes a characteristic water town, historical heritage, cultural tourism, and ecological housing. On the Western Sichuan Plain, the site inherits the life of the water city and reproduces the thousand-year-old historic Jiangkou.

Project Innovation/Need

In Jiangkou, different from the urban landscape, plants with Western Sichuan culture and pavement design are the two elements running through the design concept. The rural plant form of Western Sichuan is used in the scene to shorten the distance between people and land; By breaking the large-area hard pavement, the natural law and texture of traditional pavement are restored.

Design Challenge

In this era full of modern aesthetics, Jiangkou draws lessons from the texture structure of Chinese traditional water town and has a cultural dialogue with the past through historical continuation. From the bustling streets and alleys to the elegant courtyard, from the space interpretation of the site to the atmosphere construction of the leisure platform, the designer integrates the landscape and architecture, and always pays attention to the soul of the water town; In terms of detail depiction, we include complete and original elements such as bluestone path, ancient wooden corridor, pick-up carving, and ferry wharf into the scene to tell the Jiangkou area 2000 years ago.


Jiangkou shines like a pearl at the confluence of the two rivers. An unchangeable ancient tale formed by the regional culture passes through the connection of time and space. It is the continuation of the history, and also a cultural dialogue. Jiangkou is the guardian of tranquility and nature, preserving prosperity for the next millennium.


This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the use of practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmentally sustainability components, taking into account climate, site and orientation, site drainage and irrigation, human and vehicular access, furnishings and lighting.
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