Key Dates

12 February 2020 - Launch Event
3 September 2020 - Standard Deadline
12 January - Extended Deadline
9 February - Judging
11 February - Winners Announced
25 February - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Yong Zhang & Marc Goodwin

Project Overview

Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center covers an area of 143485.78 square meters with a total construction area of 152601.48 square meters. The architectural inspiration that derives from the city flower of Fuzhou - Jasmine flower. The five main buildings form as the white jasmine petals,echo with the Liang Chu River landscape to present a magnificent Chinese painting of "water, moon and sky with jasmine flowers". The design rationally integrates unique structural forms and the unity of the use of space to reflect the strength and logic of the structure and to achieve economy and comfort in the space.

Project Commissioner

Fuzhou New Area Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Project Creator

China Construction Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd. & Pes-Architects Ltd.


Zong Wu Xu,Pekka Salminen,Yue Xing Tang,Martin Lukasczyk,Yu Hui Song,Wei Xing Dong,Lin Li Lai,Zong Rui Chen

Project Brief

The jasmine, the city flower of the city, is a true symbol of today’s Fuzhou. The jasmine flower and its petals feature not only in the a unique riverside “Jasmine Plaza” concept but also in the roof forms of each separate functional building and in the white color of the facades. The five jasmine petal venues - opera house (1600 seats), concert hall (1000 seats), multi-functional theater, art exhibition hall and cinema center - are linked by a Cultural Concourse and a large roof terrace.

Project Innovation/Need

Besides, designers have designed the building so to be accessible for the handicapped and elderly. Due to a complex interior “topography” consisting of several public ramps it is even more important that all can reach to the performance spaces in a comfortable way. The designers have therefore provided for easy access into the performance spaces. In addition, different main materials such as glass facade, bamboo floors bamboo floors and
a bamboo back wall, bamboo back wall and solid bamboo boards etc., are used to create different environment atmosphere in the individual space.

Design Challenge

In order to create an attractive landmark on an international level along the Minjiang riverside, the design team needs to conduct a thorough study of the environment. As the each of the five separate Jasmine Petal buildings has a different main function, but their basic design concept is similar, designers need to handle the design team needs to control the harmony of the exterior design, ,landscape design as well as the interior design between the different buildings.


The purpose of this project design is to develop an ecological and user-friendly Cultural Shopping Mall with a strong and unique architecture which also could benefit the sustainable economy in this city. It could be used for different purpose, the “Jasmine” Strait Culture and Art Center consists of several, relatively independent functions, but it is compact with a smooth and clearly organized traffic flow. Besides, the lobby area, cultural concourse, connects the main functions and should be open for general public from morning till evening. It offers interesting activities and services to families and people of all age groups, from school children to senior citizens.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. 
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