Key Dates

25 March - Launch Deadline
24 June - Standard Deadline
7 October - Final Deadline
14 October - Judging
21 October - Winners Announced
15 November - Awards Presentation

Alpha Cultural&Creative Center-Punk Captain [DRAFT]


Project Overview

PUNK is the product of the unbalanced compression of material and desire, ideal and environment. It expresses their ideas directly, powerfully and nakedly without modification. Therefore, PUNK has become a frenzy and is deeply loved by young people. The overall material of this project is relatively rough and wild. Partially uses stainless steel mesh for soft decoration. The furniture uses aircraft shell splicing stainless steel shell and comfortable leather cushions, giving the space a sense of fashion and quality.


HHD-Living Space Design Co., LTD

Project Brief

The polished concrete floor retains the original taste of cement texture, coupled with metal and punk furnishings, creating a strong sense of visual impact throughout the space. The carpet of grey and white fabric alternates, grain is clear, quality of a material is soft, endowed with the space so filar silk is soft.

The upper and lower layers are designed in layers, with metal and cement walls giving the space a full post-modern industrial style. The black metal mesh enhances the safety and firmness of the space and shapes the strong space character. Configuration has artistic droplight quite, reflect the industrial spirit that gives avant-courier sharp.

Project Innovation/Need

Generation Z's pursuit of appearance level permeates into the details of life. When choosing products, they should not only have functional and practical space, but also have distinctive interior design, so as to achieve the coexistence of appearance level and strength. Starting from the construction and expression of "young soul", we use situational design language to create the space form with the theme of "Captain Punk". Deliver a more personalized Internet context, and let young people see themselves and the world from the space design.

Design Challenge

Mapping and mining user ideas and needs is one of the biggest challenges the team faces. In the process of the owner constantly changing his ideas, the technical difficulty became more difficult and challenging. Through the continuous efforts and exploration of the team, we finally provided the perfect solution. Help the client visualize the ideas he builds and immerse them in the scene and story.


The introduction of the concept of sustainable design is like a clear stream, giving us the power to develop new design concepts. For the impact of the current environment, only sustainable development is the fundamental way out, so that our resources can flow for a long time. In the space, we use glass, acrylic, terrazzo and other renewable, recyclable environmental materials. Constantly optimize the design concept, as far as possible to play the "recycling" principle. For example: efficient separation, collection and recycling of building materials.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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