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12 February - Launch Event
28 May - Standard Deadline
7 December - Final Deadline
8 December - Judging
10 December - Winners Announced
17 December - Awards Presentation

Kunming Jinglan Mansion [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Ming Yan

Project Overview

The case is located in Kunming, Yunnan, the hometown of colorful clouds in China, where it is like spring all the year round with beautiful scenery. Based on its superior natural and climate environment, the design team integrates the local elements, taking the skylight with cloud shadow and the subtle fragrance floating as the theme to extend the overall space design concept. Through the combination of light and shadow, circulation design and soft outfit collocation, a sales space with modern, relatively natural and elegant style is hereby created to highlight the spatial characteristics while echoing with the local culture.




Liyuan Zhang
Jianxin Liu
Qingsong Li

Project Brief

The black-and-white facade is simple and elegant, and a consistent partition effect can be achieved by the entrance glass screen, allowing the visitor to have a panoramic view of the courtyard. The entrance courtyard is designed in the form of terraced fields, which not only dominates the circulation, but also highlights the local characteristics. According to the function, the inner space is divided into the lobby, negotiation area, sand table area, exhibition area, children's area and so on. The colors of the space are mainly brown, burlywood, and white, creating a natural and heart-warming atmosphere. It applies transparent color acrylic material in a variety of areas to create a modern space with transparent and clean texture. Moreover, a large number of immortal flowers are used to create a spring-blooming atmosphere for the project, which conveys the feelings of nature, leisure and livability to the customers.

Project Innovation/Need

The marble floors and marble reception desk are used in the art lobby to reflect the sense of luxury. The brown walls by the French windows in the deep negotiation area reflect the golden light in the sunlight. The decoration of the transparent acrylic board adds different sparkling colors in the space, which distinguishes the deep negotiation area from the shallow negotiation area. The children's area simulates the rainbow floating up above the sky with colored linear decoration, and the ocean balls full of space, small climbing wall and stainless steel robots provide a joyful paradise for children.

Design Challenge

The fixtures in the sandbox area are under a skylight and in a high-ceilinged space, so the design and implementation of the fixture installation method was challenging.

In addition, in response to the owner's demand to improve sales taste in this project, the designer needed to abandon the previous thinking of designing a sales center and rethink how to meet the owner's needs.


The use of paint can be reduced by the open wood-grained furniture which is green, environmentally-friendly, and reusable. The high-rise space of the sand table area is equipped with skylights, so as to embrace the natural light in a large area. The lamps made of resin material are presented in a transparent and natural way. The vertical and horizontal splicing of the lines is simple but gorgeous, which allows the natural light to shine into the house through the lamps and lanterns. The introduction of natural light reduces the use of power and the cost of power.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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