Key Dates

12 February - Launch Event
28 May - Standard Deadline
7 December - Final Deadline
8 December - Judging
10 December - Winners Announced
17 December - Awards Presentation

Taishin International Bank HQ Holiday Decoration [DRAFT]

Project Overview

Taishin International Bank HQ located at Renai road is headquartered in the heart of Taipei’s financial district. The project promotes digital innovation which replicates the modernization of the finance sector, presenting a digital avant-garde that intertwines tradition with technology. Using the Roman Amphitheatre as our design concept, a spectacular decoration is created that centers on the glass panels of the main structure, illuminating the entire skyline.

Project Commissioner

Taishin International Bank

Project Creator

Alchelight Lighting Design

Project Brief

The lighting design brief was to create a digitalized Christmas tree that was 16 meters tall with interactive abilities. Guests can scan the QR code next to the Christmas tree to select and activate different messages such as "Merry Christmas", "Marry me" and "Happy Birthday" with different sound and visual effects. Besides the main Christmas tree installation, the space corridor includes custom-built gift boxes and ornament arches that were constructed for people to walkthrough, welcoming the audience to engage the dazzling displays and festivity. The result was a fully digitalized Christmas experience unlike any other.

Project Innovation/Need

The project demanded an innovative Christmas display that blended the warmth and joy of Christmas with new digital innovation of the modern world. The final design was an abstract Christmas tree that displayed stunning visuals balancing both art and technology. The glass façade of the main building became a giant canvas of pixelized displays, when combined with the geometric gift boxes and arches on ground level, a three-dimensional space was created for guests to feel engaged with the installations. Besides the inclusion of interactive elements, the Christmas tree and surrounding snowflakes on the glass panels were all part of a stunning light show with custom animation and sound.

Design Challenge

The biggest design challenge was understanding and brainstorming ways to install our display onto the massive glass building. We also had to consider all kinds of light interferences caused by the busy intersection to prevent the loss of luminance from the installations. Our team also wanted to create an immersive experience where bystanders can interact with each individual display. By using the newest lighting control systems and software, an innovative and stunning light show was created which marked the breakthrough of traditional lighting decorations into digitalized modern displays.


Sustainability is an important aspect to our company philosophy and often a feature our client’s deeply care about. We are heavily invested in the research and development department of LED lamp technology to help reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. All our parts are custom fabricated to save time and energy during the assembly and disassembly process, as well as provide convenience for storage and future usage. By outsourcing parts to local manufactures, carbon emissions and pollutions were reduced while supporting the local economy. Our design and engineering department is forever dedicated to the long-term contribution of earth’s sustainability, environmental protection and energy saving efforts.

This award celebrates creative and innovative lighting design or effects in indoor or outdoor spaces.
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