Square [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Agrodesign



Project Overview

Design firm Argodesign has created an innovative remote working technology concept called 'Square'.



Project Brief

As the COVID-19 crisis has necessitated many working from home, and remote social communication, the use of Zoom to facilitate this has skyrocketed — but so has the 'Zoom fatigue' effect as social distancing measure continue.

Project Innovation/Need

The Square concept is a wall mounted display featuring 4 small cameras hidden in the frame - allowing your colleagues to view you at 1:1 scale and in 3D, thus providing a more lifelike image than a standard flat image

In addition, the cameras in square tracks your vision and adjust the 3D image on-screen to shift perspective on screen as if you were in the room.

Best of all: once you've had enough of the screen, Square hides a handy fabric shutter to cover the screen with.


This award celebrates creativity and innovation for either a product design at conceptual stage - an early sample or model of a product that has not reached the manufacture stage nor available to the market.
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