Project Overview

The residential design project "Harmonious Symphony" has a spacious space of 436-square-meters. The design team takes the professional background of the client and uses the ocean as the design inspiration. Through carving, woodwork and line changes, the image of the ocean and the spray is portrayed into the room. Combined with the restaurant-like spatial pattern that the client love, create a diverse residential space. The public area extends from the entrance area. The excessive depth of the floor and the wall that can freely control privacy. The designer uses flexible visual authorities to bring a progressive richness. Each bedroom is installed along with the arc-shaped aisle. The hidden door design allows each bedroom to maintain privacy. In addition, each room is equipped with an independent bathroom and dressing space to achieve a "hotel-style" space design in reality.

Project Commissioner

WENJOY Interior Design

Project Creator

WENJOY Interior Design


Wan-Yu Wu / Chu Su / Ji-Shiou Lin

Project Brief

"Harmonious Symphony" is a renovation project for residential building. The two-family structure allows this project to have a high number of activity spaces. The designer created an open space style space like a hotel according to the client’s preferences. Besides the client's habit of having guests and friends from time to time, the arc-shaped aisle, which is placed in the center of the house resembles a hotel corridor, interweaves the boundary between the public and private areas, creating an independent and intertwined life for each family member. The curved circulation of the corridor not only creates a wider bedroom configuration, but also reduces the feeling of visual darkness and distance, and put indirect lighting embedded on the top to create a modern and luxurious homey environment. The small living room at the end of the corridor has changed part of the external balcony into an indoor laundry room, and designed a combined high functionality and high capacity washing and drying space for the client.

Project Innovation/Need

In the design process, in addition to the satisfaction of functions and needs, the design team draws the light deeper, think about the client might face emotional issues and problems after moving in. Especially with the emotional connection reflected by the design language, the design team use different materials in the corners of each area to create the marine image from the client ’s professional background. Whether it is the sculptural art of the painting at the entrance, the co-creation between the dining area and the embedded lamp, or arc curves all over the space, simple design makes the client have a sense of belonging at home. The original design inspiration, on the other hand, gives the space a longer durability, avoiding the situation of being out of fashion and aging after a few years, and creating a residential design that can withstand by the time.

Design Challenge

The internal structure of this case is twisty and has many corners, which is easily form a wet and dark environment in the corner spaces. In the face of the defects of this structure, the degree of air circulation and the amount of light input become more important. In this structural disadvantages, the amount of air circulation and the of the light entering during the day are so important. The design team first reorganized the interior space layout, move the bathroom position next the window to let the moisture evaporate easily. In the corridor and the first bedroom, the design team positioned the bedroom door under the beam to connect the two spaces under the beam of the bedroom A, thereby providing a greater amount of air circulation and solving the disadvantages of the internal structure. In the large space, the position of the beam is intersecting and the spaces is not consistent, so that the design team have tried to use the curvy elements to minimize sharp corners of the space and smoothen the sharp vision to bring the most comfortable homey scale.


The design team pays special attention to the client's housing experience, and hopes to build a durable home that is easy to clean and maintain for the client. Try to avoid the situation that the environment will quickly become old even just about two or three years after moving in. Dealing with the curvy design, such as in the ceiling or the round dining table, the design team insists that the subsequent surface must be treated with suitable paint to avoid rapid damage caused by time and physical quality changes. It is also laid out with customized cabinets, and the storage cabinet of a bedroom is planned with the most intuitive circulation to bring humanized interaction between the people and the space. At the same time, for the children and the members of the family, to create a healthy home environment, the design team uses almost free of formaldehyde materials, disguise from a long-term durability perspective to reduce the possibility of future waste.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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