2018 New York Design Awards

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Project Overview

The project is adjacent to shenzhen bay on the east, marina promenade on the south and the sea view of shenzhen bay on the south, nuwa marina park on the west, culture and art center, Hilton Hotel on the north, ring ship square on the north, overlooking the big south mountain, facing the sea on the back of the mountain, surrounded by the city, with excellent location. With coastal leisure city, shenzhen "international business card" laudatory name.

The comprehensive development of this region will bring about changes in the core area of shenzhen, leading the shekou area to the international fashion frontier, and advocating new working methods and life modes.





Project Brief

This set of case pays attention to hard decorate gimmick, it is theme with costly style, remove the heavy and complicated modelling of traditional costly style and line, blend in new costly element, use silky qualitative, decorous face, metallic line, element imports cowhide to build costly noble temperament.

On dimensional pattern, stylist lets the relation between each space, on the vision relatively independent, but be in move the line is agile complete, colorific is tie-in with neuter color stainless steel and material such as natural stone material perfect collocation.

In order to highlight the biggest advantage of this project -- it falls on the bank of Shenzhen Bay, we used a large number of floor-to-ceiling Windows to make the most of the beautiful river scene in the design scheme. The placement direction of sitting room furniture, sofa is the best position that appreciates river scene, the advantage that highlights river scene building.

We made bigger change in dining-room, designed western kitchen breakfast table, formed symmetrical dimensional feeling with table

Project Innovation/Need

In the master bedroom, a separate open makeup space is added for the hostess; the separate cloakroom in the bedroom, the left and right cloakrooms are specially placed for the male and female owner's clothing.

The main mirror light is treated with stainless steel and lamp strips, and the diffuse light source of the sink is the best interpretation of the contrast. The bathtub is oriented to the location of the river, host can lie in the bathtub and enjoy the river view.

Sitting room and dining-room are in same space, of sitting room high-rise carry empty and the crystal lamp that hang to be in with hall mutual echo, be like clear spring only water sky comes, yu yu is intended with collect money. And the child reading area of the sitting room side weaves the metallic partition that crisscross on the vision, the color that depth matchs shows classic, reflect costly simple sense with line, through blend and collision, build give the space that has intense visual wallop to experience.

In whole interior space, outspread the element of wood color, make the gas field of whole space more convergent, gather, dimensional interface is given priority to with cheerful neuter tonal, appropriate use grille, cloth art is done mount, metal, lens and bright and clean marble lamp is reflective material to assure the scene that is being drunk and precious all round the room.

Design Challenge

Advocate the interactive sex of the space and connect appear a gender, the glass window that used large area in design process, build a kind of halcyon, comfortable, quiet household aesthetic feeling.


Advocate the interactive sex of the space and connect appear a gender, the glass window that used large area in design process, build a kind of halcyon, comfortable, quiet household aesthetic feeling.This is a luxury project.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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