2014 New York Design Awards

DeskPal [DRAFT]



Project Overview

Introducing: the original, oh-so-handsome, DeskPal. Carved from a single solid block of timber with classic well proportioned design. DeskPal promises to clean up that workspace while looking sharp and dapper at the same time.


Oak & Spindle

Project Brief

We are extremely excited to share our very first project with you all. The support so far has been outstanding. We launched our project on Kickstarter earlier this year and had fantastic support, raising over $16000 in funding to get the project going. Production is going steady with our first batch about to be shipped.

We really hope you love the DeskPal as much as we do. Design for us is about creating functional art. We worked really hard to stick by our philosophy and the result of that is what you see here today. A functional piece that we promise will help to get you sorted in your work environment.

Project Innovation/Need

DeskPal was created out of necessity. We were sick of the desk clutter, bits everywhere scattered across our workspaces. If you can't fit it on the DeskPal it's not worth having. Having the Display Dock helps to keep your favourite gadgets together in the one place.

Design Challenge

We went through many prototypes on how best to construct the DeskPal. We always knew it was going to be made out of solid block of timber, that was the easy part. Designing the pen holder was a challenge, from cast metal inserts to rubber plugs. We then came up with a simple sandwich of wool felt which grips any object tightly.

We really feel that we met the market at the correct time with the correct product. We had a well polished campaign that clearly communicated the benefits of DeskPal through high quality photos teamed with releases that had us featured in many editorials.


All of our raw materials are from local suppliers. This injects money back into our community, something we are very passionate about. Managing the entire production in-house allows us to keep costs to a minimum. Maximising our profits enables us to run a sustainable business and provides us with the backing we need to grow, both in resources and design capabilities.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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