2014 New York Design Awards



Project Overview

We installed Moto Match everywhere— from music festivals to vacant storefronts to the runway shows at New York’s Fashion Week. From these kiosks and installations people can share their unique creation—or print out their design, which contains a unique URL—to purchase their Moto X later.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



Project Brief

The Moto X was the first phone to be released under Google. It was to be built in America. The customization options were the likes of which had never been seen before for a mobile phone. The work needed to shift perceptions, reposition Motorola in the marketplace and ultimately drive sales of the Moto X.

Project Innovation/Need

2013 was the year of the selfie. It was also the year of the Moto X by Motorola – a phone that can be designed to be as unique as you are. In the spirit of the times we thought, why not make configuring a Moto X as simple as taking a selfie? So we developed Moto Match, a proprietary algorithm that reads primary and secondary colors from any photo and customizes a Moto X to match.

Design Challenge

Moto Match was everywhere— from music festivals to vacant storefronts to the runway shows at New York’s Fashion Week. We also took Moto Match to Facebook, where people can select from their gallery to create personal or themed configurations. They can share or purchase their creations with a click. Moto Match transformed the relationship we have with configurators by replacing menus and color swatches with something as simple and personal as a selfie.


Half of all phones sold were designed online and Moto Match was a big part of it. The digital OOH and Facebook app received a lot of favorable press, which helped reinforce Moto X’s positioning as the phone “designed by you”.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for visual communication including traditional and digital signage intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, audience engagement and message delivery.
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