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Transit App [DRAFT]

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Photo Credit : Transit


Project Overview

Transit is a mobile app that allows users to map out public transit journeys in over 175 cites around the world.



Project Context

It started with one question: “When will my ride get here?” Seven years later, Transit has built North America’s favourite transit app and helped millions of commuters to navigate their cities without losing their minds.

Transit dreams of happier communities, where multiple modes work together and getting from A to B with Transit is simpler than climbing into a car.

Project Innovation

Transit is a real-time urban travel companion: users can navigate their city’s transport system with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders - all presented in a clear, bold interface.

Public transport not cooperating? Users can request an Uber, Ola, or grab the closest bikeshare.

With Transit's GO system, users have a virtual assistant in their pocket. GO gives users gives real-time updates along their trip. GO reminds them when to leave for the bus, when to get off, and if they need to hurry to make their connection .

Not only that, GO also broadcasts the vehicles position back to the Transit servers, which in turn provide real-time, accurate predictions to other Transit users. It means users can now see exactly where their bus (or train, or tram, or ferry) is in hyper-precise detail whenever a fellow rider is using GO.

Last but not least, if users encounter reception black spots, Transit's trip planner still works! This is, in part, thanks to a clever compression library called bGTFS that can shrink city transit data by anywhere from 30x to 200x - saving users from downloading hefty amounts of data.

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