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NOW Awards Collection 2

The NOW Awards and Podcast is the monthly collection of extraordinary design projects curated by our advisory panel of global design giants.

22 March 2018

Welcome to the second collection of the NOW Awards - a collection of extraordinary projects from around the DRIVENxDESIGN community. Curated by our advisory panel of global design giants, NOW showcases the newest projects, latest trends and inspiring futures across design, experience, tech and innovation.

From architecture to service design, via product and systems design, Awards Chair Mark Bergin and Co-Presenter Kirsten Mann - SVP Product & Experience at Aconex - present their take on the series of outstanding projects.

Listen to the podcast, check out the gold award winning projects below and take a look at all the projects in the collection here.

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LightScene EV-100 series - Epson - Commercial - Experience
Biolife4D - Concept - Digital
Latch M - Latch - Commercial - Experience
CityAirbus - Airbus Helicopters - Concept - Systems
Family Violence Accommodation Register - safe steps & Conduct | Government - Systems

About the NOW Awards

The NOW Awards is an exciting new awards program from DRIVENxDESIGN. As well as recognising the latest extraordinary projects from across the DRIVENxDESIGN community, NOW has been developed to grow the demand for a human centred approach to creating products, services and experiences that put the concerns of users and customers first. 

About the Design Executives Club

The Design Executives Club brings together design executives and creatives to drive strategy and power human centred outcomes. In the post artefact design world, strategic design is providing leverage, operations design is delivering outcomes - the Club links both sides of modern design's double diamond.

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