Key Dates

9 December 2021 - Launch Deadline
17 March - Standard Deadline
16 June - Extended Deadline
21 June - Judging
7 July - Winners Announced
9 August - Awards Presentation

Project Overview

DORINT is a company focused on developing better door control hardware and contributing to fire and environmental protection. The designer borrows the symbolic image of the main products and applies its features of simplicity, accuracy, order, and details on the construction design. The different-sized squares, tilted planes and lines on the facade can thus tell the values and story of the company to the customers.

Project Commissioner

SUN-Q Door Controls Limited

Project Creator

T.E&C Architects & Associates


Hsieh, Wen Tong
Liu, Kang Cheng
Huang, Chiung Wei
Chen, Cheng-Tsung

Project Brief

The subtle minutiae made through precise calculation embody the pursuit of making high-end products and offering great service. Inspired by multiple visual layers of door panels, opening and closing, the designer creates a building with specific details in simplicity. The use of reinforced concrete structure symbolizes purity and simplicity, as well the durability and practicality of the building and products the company produced. The recessed facade with gradual tilting creates ever-changing images of shop windows under light and shadow.

Project Innovation/Need

Close to the main highway in Changhua county, the ingenious details on the facade can be well appreciated by the cars passing by. In addition, the designer makes sure the interior layout is arranged together with the size of the windows. While considering the exterior appearance, enough space and window installations are also ensured to be sufficient. The repetitive use of similar shapes creates a dynamic energy as if doors were closing and opening. Driving on the highway, one can appreciate the fast-instant image of facades, the novel visual effect of moving doors.

With the help of CAD system and parameter features, the designer can accurately apply a certain distance between windows, creating gradual changes to the facade, with its rhythm and layers, changes of lighting. The interior meeting room and display area bring in vista through different sized windows, echoing with the product images.

Design Challenge

In order to emphasize the durability and practicality of the products, the reinforced concrete structure combined with LOW-E glass panels to introduce natural lighting inside and improve insulation for the heat outside. In addition, a great amount of green building material coating is used on the exterior. While offering the texture of stone materials, it also reduces the possible pollution of the actual mining process. Great sized dark grey glass panels for windows are installed in the lower floor on the north side. The building material contrasting with the lighter-color panels, the design creates a lightness for the immense building while putting transparency and opaqueness together side by side.


Considering the direction of the northern hemisphere insolation, most of the window installations are on the north side. The geometric shapes windows installed in orders on the side with longer insolation duration help reduce the heat load inside the building. The recessed windows with depth not only create shadows under sunlight, it also introduces lighting and reduces more use of AC. The building wishes to strengthen more possibilities in sustainability and future with its special design.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations in commercial projects. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow.
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