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18 March - Launch Deadline
15 April - Standard Deadline
13 May - Late Deadline
8 July - Judging
15 July - Winners Announced
10 August - Awards Presentation

Ivory Coat Food Check [DRAFT]

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Project Overview

Every pet is unique and each has different nutritional needs. As a producer of high quality natural pet foods, Ivory Coat is regularly asked about the dietary requirements of dogs and cats. So it decided to create a digital resource that would not only take the guesswork out of feeding for pet owners, but would also raise brand awareness and strengthen consumer loyalty. The brand engaged Luminary to help it bring its vision to life.

The result was Ivory Coat Food Check – an interactive tool to help pet owners work out the amount and type of food to feed their dog or cat, based on a range of factors including age, breed, size and activity level.

Food Check has been extremely well received in the market and has successfully raised brand awareness for Ivory Coat. It has been a strong driver of traffic to the site, with sessions up 70.75% in the two months post launch, compared with the previous two months. During this period, overall page views were up by 360.44%. Engagement metrics were also positive, with pages per session rising by 169.65%, and the bounce rate going down by more than 20%.

Project Commissioner

Real Pet Food Co.

Project Creator



Account Director: Adam Griffith
Producer: Jase Watson
Design: Mark McManus, Tess French
Front End: Reggie Rombang, Drew Foster, Franky Cheung
Back End: Yoki Satria, Andik Subiantoro, Tin Huynh, Thai Tran
QA: Shanti Lestari
DevOps: Harry Sibenaler

Project Brief

Ivory Coat needed a tool that would be able to evaluate a range of different factors in order to help consumers determine the appropriate amount and type of food for their pet.

Project Need

Ivory Coat Food Check was designed to meet the needs of pet owners in determining how much and what type of food to feed their pet.

User Experience

Food Check takes the user through a step-by-step process to build a profile for their pet to ascertain their pet’s nutritional requirements. The first stage in building their pet’s profile is to select whether their pet is a cat or a dog. From there, they are asked their pet’s name and sex.

After these basic details are confirmed, the pet owner is asked about age, weight, size, activity level, protein preferences, grain/no grain, consistency of the ‘backyard pickup’, and body shape.

Once the user has built their pet's profile they get a breakdown of the pet’s recommended daily calorie intake, along with product suggestions from the Ivory Coat range. This can then be adjusted based on desired proportions of wet and dry food. There is also an option to receive the personalised feeding guide via email.

Project Marketing

The website has been supported by a campaign encompassing Google advertising, social media and a TV commercial.

Project Privacy

Ivory Coat is a related body corporate of Real Pet Food Company. Its privacy policy sets out how the Real Pet Food Company and its related bodies corporate in Australia (together referred to as RPFC) collect, use, disclose and secure personal information. RPFC takes its privacy obligations seriously and is committed to ensuring that it handles personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). For more information, see https://www.ivorycoat.com/en-au/privacy-policy

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