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18 March - Launch Deadline
15 April - Standard Deadline
13 May - Late Deadline
8 July - Judging
15 July - Winners Announced
10 August - Awards Presentation

Tina's Noodle Kitchen [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Andrew Worssam



Project Overview

With the client's desire to authentically showcase their signature dish - the flavourful Chongqing noodles, we began forming a narrative for Tina's Noodle Kitchen with inspiration from the distinctive Asian street food scenes as well as the rich ingredients and spices of China. This restaurant is sure to be heart-warming to those who recognized its original resemblance yet excites those who seek an escape to indulge in the world of Chinese vibrant street food.

Project Commissioner

David Loh

Project Creator

Span Design


Joanna Fang
Elton Chen
Sarah Suenghee Lee

Project Brief

Tina's Noodle House owner is an incredibly successful businesswoman and owns more than thirty separate brands in Melbourne. Her other restaurants are widely recognized for their amazing food. However, the designs have not reflected her brand.

This opportunity to design a cohesive branding image to reflect the restaurants' ethos allows this restaurant to be recognized and remembered for its delicious food and the entire dining experience. The design of this modern Asian restaurant was stemmed from inspiration images of traditional Asian market street food stalls blended with modern design elements.

Using timber, tile, draped fabric, and textured mural artwork, it's hard not to reminisce traditional Asian market scenes. The specified fixtures and fittings evoke authentic Asian craftsmanship, and we have designed a few statement furniture pieces to allow for photo opportunities. We have given the environment a modern twist by introducing textured glass, clean lines, curved elements and a brighter colour palette.

Project Innovation/Need

We wanted to make sure that Tina's Noodle Kitchen truly captivates people with their atmospheric presence just as much as their delicious dishes. That is why we were able to envision its design concept quite clearly in the early stages. We took the risk of being bold and original without shying away from the different character Tina's Noodle Kitchen has to its surrounding.

The client's concept to remain grounded to the Asian root in taste heavily inspired our decision with the project. The bustling food market, the vibrancy of colourful decorations, and the variety of flavours and textures are essential symbols to re-create the atmospheric existence of Asia's street food market.

Design Challenge

A significant factor that made it challenging to develop the design was to give the restaurant brand a clear visual identity that would represent the food's authenticity. The concept of visually representing 'layers of flavour' through materiality allowed us to successfully depict the restaurant's brand. Another contributing factor that created a few challenges includes the limitations in budget and how to incorporate details that showcased elements from the traditional Chinese aesthetic.


We support local businesses; therefore, we seek locally sourced furniture, materials and finishes for the majority of our projects and whenever possible. Tina's Noodle Kitchen is another one of our many projects that used locally-sourced products such as decorative items and finishes, as well as local services who helped made this project possible.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors where people eat and drink - this includes bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs. Judging consideration is given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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