2020 Melbourne Design Awards

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Key Dates

4 February - Launch Event
26 March - Standard Deadline
30 April - Late Deadline
18 June - Judging
23 June - Rating Closes
25 June - Winners Announced
11 August - Awards Presentation

Image Credit : Xuan min jin


Project Overview

The RIVIERA MANSION apartment consists of nine high-rise buildings with the ground construction area of 96,000 m2 and the underground construction area of 49,000 m2, which is the first project that Cinda Real Estate held in downtown Hangzhou and also Binjiang Group’s brand-new residence in Qianjiang New Town. The project is the club of the apartment. Located at CBD of Qianjiang New Town, it enjoys the unique landscapes of the district, the ruins park and the Fuchun Park from the near to the distant, which shows the stereoscopic effect. Besides, it enjoys great educational resources that Shengli Primary School, Hangzhou Middle School affiliated to Beijing Normal University, etc. are nearby, and commercial resources like Wantai Mall and WUMART.
Located in Shangcheng District of downtown Hangzhou, The RIVIERA MANSION Apartment Club draws on the BVLGARI’s design style and concept and emerges as a magnificent visual style of the space to show its luxury. The design brings about a new classic paradigm of the interior design of a modern city club.
In reviewing the whole RIVIERA MANSION Apartment Club, the designers gave a flawless expression of the functions and characteristics of different areas with artistic creation as the carrier. The approach endows different areas with varied personalities, and more importantly, maintains a high degree of uniformity of the overall space style.

Project Commissioner

Hangzhou Cinda Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Hangzhou Bijiang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

Project Creator

Rumo Interior Design Co., Ltd


Design team: Rumo Interior Design Co., Ltd

Project Brief

The design learns from the style and pattern of “BVLGARI”, an Italian Luxury Brand, and fuses the stylish white wall and black window, luxurious materials and elegant taste of BVLGARI with the architecture, helping to find a balance between modern simplicity and luxury.
At the lobby of the clubhouse, a marble background wall jumps into sight, of which the white jade color with high brightness stimulates positive visual impact. The smooth marble texture enriches the change of lines such as thickness, depth and lightness, and looks more resplendent against the light.
Differentiated tactics are exerted to the yoga studio based on a traditional design. In this case, the designer takes a unique approach to making use of simple wooden grille screens to foster a magical dialogue between space and light. That means that different rotation angles of the grilles of the screen would help produce ever-changing reflecting light under the sun, leaving light and shadows scattered picturesquely. As the sun moves across the sky, it will dazzle you with the dynamic changes like a kaleidoscope.
A lot of details are utilized to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor of the swimming pool. The wall erecting at the end of the pool is adorned with colorful ribbons that are made of various plants in light green, dark green and reddish-brown, which looks distinctive from each other. The visual perception of the plant wall is further reinforced by furnishing the wired glasses on both sides and the rippling mirror walls.

Project Need

With the specific aesthetic taste for jewelry and living style, the design team blended them into the design detail, well conforming to the taste and culture of Hangzhou people. Among many projects in Qianjiang New Town, the Bvlgari-style makes the building outshine others. It enjoys the unique landscapes of the district, the ruins park and the Fuchun Park from the near to the distant, which shows the stereoscopic effect. The club offers a different interior space tailored to the rising class of citizens, thus creating a new expression of Hangzhou’s quality life. By virtue of its location and luxurious style, it would bring about a renovation of residence beside the Qiantang River.

Design Challenge

The design of the club includes the first floor and the basement level 1. And as the swimming pool is on the B, the problems, like the lighting, ventilation and sense of depression caused by the underground space, are taken into consideration. Therefore, the designers used a light blue ceiling outlined with the pattern of the Milky Way through LED lights, echoing the shadows on the water surface, which makes the pool seem like an outdoor pool. Moreover, the green plants are used on the walls of the interior, thus enhancing the flexibility of the space and making people feel close to the nature. Every occupant can enjoy the natural and romantic feeling created by the designers when swimming here.


The project highlights the sustainability through the relationship among design, human and environment. During the design process, the designers specially introduced natural ecological landscape so as to make the interior more suitable for user experience and low-carbon concept. Especially the swimming pool on B1, the whole wall coated with green plants, the ceiling with the beauty of starry sky and green furniture together vitalize the space, making the environment close to nature as much as possible.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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