2020 Melbourne Design Awards

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Key Dates

4 February - Launch Event
26 March - Standard Deadline
30 April - Late Deadline
18 June - Judging
23 June - Rating Closes
25 June - Winners Announced
11 August - Awards Presentation


Project Overview

HealthKit, as it was called prior to the rebranding, is a practice management software and integrated personal healthcare platform for health professionals and patients, serving more than 40,000 practitioners in 131 countries.

HealthKit came to us with a big vision but an even bigger challenge. Its founders always had their sights on improving the standard of healthcare around the world, but were limited by their current brand.

To tackle the challenge of rebranding their organisation, we needed to take into account the intricacies of the product’s offering and find a name and design that could deliver on a global reach.

Through a process of engagement, strategy, naming trademarking, and design we turned HealthKit into Halaxy, an organisation ready to take on the world with its new identity and visual system.

Project Commissioner

HealthKit / Halaxy

Project Creator

The Contenders


Head of Strategy: Vivienne Gibson-Thomas
Design Director: Sarah Hendy
Designer: Emily Enrica
Client Director: Phil Curlis-Gibson
Account Executive: Kim Handley
CEO: Joe Rogers

Project Brief

At its core our project brief involved finding a new name and identity for the organisation to help it achieve its goal of ambitious growth.

However some complexity arose from the project. Firstly the organisation operates globally, making it difficult practically to find a name and identity that would work across 100+ countries.

Secondly, while the HealthKit platform was already successful as a product, articulating the depth of services and breadth of product it provides, and representing it accurately was a critical project challenge.

To answer the brief, we needed to explore the depth of the challenge but come up with a focused and simple solution.

Project Innovation/Need

This project required a flexible approach to the naming and identity. With the need for a brand to be trademarked in 100+ countries, the constraints were significant. To overcome this we ran an engagement process to understand the core of HealthKit’s offering and use the full skillset of brand and design to represent it.

We focused our name, strategy and design on the idea of ‘navigating the complex galaxy of health’ representing what the platform truly offers in a simple way. This helped us brainstorm names alongside design ideas and cross check their viability globally. The winning name, Halaxy, came directly from our strategic insight around the galaxy of health.

As a result, the creative design process revolved around the best representation of the core idea and name, giving us the chance to create a truly unique design.

Design Challenge

The design challenge was to represent the core idea of the brand and bring simplicity to a complex ecosystem of products and services.

At the heart of the brand mark is the H as a cross-hare to represent the idea of navigation and become a distinctive visual asset. Inspired by the idea of a ‘galaxy’ and the science behind the big bang, the visual system splits into shapes which re-form into new images and icons, creating a unique iconography. The colour palette is inspired by a real life photograph of the Hubble Space telescope.

Importantly the brand lives predominantly in the digital world. Our brand development was therefore done on digital-first principles, testing the system, UX, website design and guidelines and setting them up for future success.


The Halaxy brand project has been highly successful.

One of the organisation’s primary aims was customer retention. With 40,000 customers across 130 countries, this objective would be difficult even with a successful rebrand. Yet, so effective was the project in achieving its objectives that there were less than 50 customers who left the organisation. The client was incredibly satisfied with this metric.

There were several positive comments from customers post-rebrand, which the client highlighted is fantastic since they are traditionally a conservative group who is uncomfortable with change.

Yet, the client says that the biggest change and effectiveness metric has been in the application, understanding and use of the brand. Previously there were design limitations and now these barriers are non-existent.

At the launch event at Eureka Tower, there were over 100 people present to celebrate a new era for the organisation.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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