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4 February - Launch Event
26 March - Standard Deadline
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18 June - Judging
23 June - Rating Closes
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Snooza eCommerce Website [DRAFT]

Image Credit : All design, layout and images are produced by Relab Studios.



Project Overview

Snooza is a proud Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of premium, sustainable, designer pet comfort products that has operated in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb for over 30 years since 1989.

As a company obsessed with pet comfort, Snooza has always considered the planet in all of their decisions and actions, by utilising materials that are better for the environment, while minimising impacts to landfill problems. Snooza make products that last and do what they can to make them last even longer.

It is Snooza's mission to improve the lives of pets and pet owners with products that optimise pet sleep, health and wellbeing. This is resembled by the durable, repairable and luxurious products that just works harmoniously with modern homes.

Our team at Relab were engaged to; firstly, refresh the Brand and; secondly, create an eCommerce website experience that tells the Snooza unique story.

Project Commissioner

Snooza Pet Products

Project Creator

Relab Studios


Product Owner - Luis Albornoz
Creative Direction - Alvin Hermanto
Project Management - Alvin (Didi) Sumardi, Alex Boynes
Design - Jessica Chairil, Ellen McLoughlin
Engineering - Sam Sui, Glory Wiguno

Project Brief

Upon completing the Snooza brand identity refresh, the team at Relab was tasked to redesign and build Snooza’s new website experience. Retaining Snooza's original brand essence, while evolving into an easy-to-use, intuitive, data-led and scalable eCommerce platform was the key objective of this project.

Snooza's story, brand values and products were identified to be the highlight of the offering, and this is exactly what the project team needed to focus on during the project.

The legacy site was outdated and hard to maintain. The UI/UX design was no longer practical to the evolving market expectation, presenting a number of significant usability challenges around basic eCommerce shopping experience. Although analytics suggested the surge in mobile traffic is growing rapidly than ever, the old website did not cater well for the mobile experience, creating frictions in the overall user experience journey.

Project Need

Prior to the website project, our design team at Relab was involved in the redesign of the Snooza brand identity. This gave us the leverage of already understanding the brand DNA of the company along with its values. Equipped with these in mind, we commenced our website design and development by identifying and mapping a typical customer journey and comparing it with a list of desired features/pages from the business' point of view.

To enable the team to innovate within the intersection of the business' and users' needs, we facilitated a prioritisation session to collaboratively decide on group of features/pages that are to be broken down to multiple build phases. These priorities were based on its level of Impact to the business and also based on how much Effort was needed to achieve them.

The key need in this project was to create an eCommerce interface that feels natural for pet owners to use, so that they can easily find the right product for their unique pets, by providing them a familiar and intuitive interface as well as valuable content, that it can increase engagement rates, reduce bounce rates and ultimately increase its eCommerce conversion rates.

User Experience

Through a simple and methodical work process that was carried since the project Discovery all the way through to Design, Development and Deployment, the team constantly assess the progress through rigorous rounds of testing, demo and iterations, that brought us to the successful launch of the new Snooza website.

Overall, the user experience highlights of the new site is on ease of use and practicality aspects. From the homepage and global navigation, the well responsive website design allows users to easily navigate through to shopping by the most popular ways of browsing for pet products and dog beds; by freeform search; by product categories, needs and pet size - all with user interface elements that are designed to be stylish and yet still practical. This feature allow users to get to products they actually need in no time.

On product collection pages, product filtering and sorting are made accessible and easy to use. Product images are presented in a good size that it allows users to inspect products quickly. On product detail pages, product selection process is intuitive with meaningful information and decision points leading towards better conversion rate performances. In addition, company profile and value pages are designed to tell the Snooza story in a thoughtful and engaging way.

These experiences are all design decisions made consistent with the Snooza brand approach.

Project Marketing

The launch of the new Snooza eCommerce shopping experience has open up numerous digital marketing opportunities and avenues for the business, which includes content strategies, paid advertising, email campaigns, social media and remarketing strategies.

Satisfactory feedback had also been gathered directly from customers and engagement on future releases and features has increased. This allows Snooza to plan and prioritise digital features that will enhance the business' online engagement, loyalty and sales platform.

The new Snooza brand and website not only received so much positive feedback from the customers, but also from its peers – defined as a 'game changer' in the pet industry.

Project Privacy

Based on the Corporations Act 2001, Snooza recognises the trust customers are placing through their dealings. Snooza does everything they can to maintain that trust. Snooza staff are employed on the basis that they will protect customers information, whose rights to privacy are also protected by the Australian Privacy Principles in force under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). These privacy laws place strict requirements on Snooza to treat certain information collected as confidential, to store customer information securely and to allow customers easy access to check and correct their information.

Digital design that makes our online retail experiences seamless and enjoyable or have that Wow factor is what will stand out here.
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