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Project Overview

Working alongside award-winning property developer Beulah International to launch their development, The Grounds of Kew, this video series was created to launch the marketing for the ROI phase.

Featuring six children across four video concepts and throughout The Grounds of Kew marketing collateral, the Grow New campaign chronicles what it’s like to downsize.

The children in the Grow New campaign represent the older Kew elite, they’re young at heart but are looking for a change; they’re a metaphor for positive change.

Throughout the four-part video series, the children demonstrate scenes associated with a lavish suburb in a light-hearted way, while highlighting the benefits of the project in a way never presented in property before.

The residences are targeted at owner-occupiers and local downsizers who are looking to stay within the suburb they know and love but without the upkeep.

While children are seldom used in property promotions in Australia, Beulah International has taken a different approach to showcasing their target market and what they are looking for.

Project Commissioner

Beulah International

Project Creator


Project Brief

Simply put, Beulah wanted to create a convention-defying brand and marketing campaign for their hyper-luxury multi-residential development in a tightly held pocket of Kew.

Identifying the importance of a memorable brand campaign, it was important to generate cut through with the target audience, breaking through the property marketing clutter to reduce media spend and generate sales.

With the target audience current Kew residents looking to downsize, part of the brief was to convince a typically development-opposed suburb that The Grounds of Kew was to add to the area, rather than detract.

From here, the brand idea was created by the key attributes and features of the project, whereby a unique story re-imagines the audience’s perception of development in Kew and highlights Beulah’s wider vision for creating a lifestyle-centric project.

Project Innovation/Need

The Grounds of Kew presents locals with an opportunity to downsize without downgrading the residential luxury, amenity and postcode to which they’ve long been accustomed. The downside of downsizing, however, is the implication of advancing years.

The campaign theme - Grow New - turns this negative completely on its head. Instead of a life stage compromise, a move to the Grounds of Kew becomes a life-affirming change for the better that celebrates the joyous spirit of one’s inner child.

The highly successful pre-launch campaign realised this idea through weekly video instalments of an ongoing tale about would-be downsizers with a twist that saw every role is played by a child actor.

Representing the older Kew elite; young at heart but looking for a change, the children in the campaign became a metaphor for positive growth. By reenacting stereotypical scenes that might be commonplace in the suburb, the children successfully portray the huge benefits of buying into The Grounds of Kew.

Design Challenge

Generating cut through in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious suburbs presented a challenge up front. Traditionally a staunch anti-development community, producing a property video that would resonate was always going to be difficult.

Further, Beulah wanted to quash the negative connotations associated with downsizing - a drop in the standard of living and quality of property - aiming to use the ‘Grow New’ series to flip this on its head.

Part of this was communicating that as we grow older we deserve to downsize on our household responsibilities and upgrade in our lifestyle, changing our lives positively in the twilight years.

From a logistics perspective, working with children under tight time frames provided the most challenge. Rehearsing the characters was limited given the tight deadline, while we also faced challenges with the wardrobe.

Finding clothing which represented the high net worth we were targeting was quite difficult on the proposed budget.


Described by the property industry as ‘a game changer’, the pre-launch campaign generated an extraordinary volume of pre-sale registrations.

Throughout the ROI phase, the ‘Grow New’ campaign was viewed 396,000 times on realestate.com.au and registering 742 clicks to the landing page.

Collectively, the campaign was used throughout marketing collateral, both in the print brochure and across The Grounds of Kew website, via EDM, and across social media channels.

Paid Facebook and Instagram posts were used to target the desired audience, in order to attract the most appropriate viewership. Here 25,000 people were reached within the high net worth targeted segment.

The video series was also shared on Beulah International’s LinkedIn page, across a four week period and received a magnitude of interest including 6,245 views 450 clicks and 17,794 impressions.

These figures demonstrate the huge awareness generated by the ‘Grow New’ series, which was a key driver in driving traffic to the project website. Part of a wider digital media strategy the series ultimately led to 50 per cent of the residences sold in just a few months.

Resonating with viewers for its humour and charm, the lighthearted series achieved the campaign objective to flip the idea of downsizing on its head creating positive sentiment amongst the target audience.

This award celebrates creative and innovative visual and audio corporate communications that place an emphasis on design values.  Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, viewer engagement and message delivery.
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