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Breast Screen Victoria [DRAFT]

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Project Overview

As a central figure in women's health, BreastScreen Victoria (BSV) aims to reduce the impact of breast cancer diagnosis through early detection, ensuring that all women have the best possible health outcome.

With such high ambition, BSV engaged Soul+Wolf after a lengthy tender process to deliver a digital solution that would meet their goal: To help more women understand more about screening to get screened sooner.

Project Commissioner

Breast Screen Victoria

Project Creator



Matthew Scanlon - Director, Communications & Client Recruitment
Natalie Pearson - Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Jean Anselmi - Project Manager

Marco Rosano - Managing Director / Strategist
Jason Soultan - UX & UI Design Director
Stephanie Allen - UX & UI Designer
Stefano Senese - Project Manager
Robert Petreski - Chief Technical Officer
Andrew Lawton - Senior Web Developer
James Stevens - Web Developer

Project Brief

BSV’s website plays a critical role in distributing information about breast screening. This information, often time-critical and always sensitive in nature, meant that it was imperative the website not only displayed information in a way that’s easy for users to find and digest, but simple for the BSV team to scale and maintain up-to-date.

The goal of the project: To help more women understand more about screening to get screened sooner.

The project brief was largely open-ended, but needed to include a number of unique features and user-friendly functions to achieve this goal, including easy access to screening-related content, BSV screening locations and the MyBreastScreen user portal.

Project Need

To achieve the project goal, the proposed solution needed to position and reaffirm BSV as an established and trusted online source of information and promote the MyBreastScreen user portal where possible and relevant. By achieving this, we could help women understand more about screening and the screening process, to then encourage them to find a screening location and ultimately book an appointment.

To do this effectively, we would need to provide a positive and welcoming user experience to a diverse group of users who would later be better defined. By conducting multiple rounds of user interviews and tests, a journey of related content could also be developed across the site to help guide and funnel users from content consumption to booking an appointment.

With such a broad demographic and ethnicity of users accessing the website, translatable content was identified as critical for not only them, but for Health Professionals as well.

This Multi Language feature did come with some additional requirements beyond those of the translated page content. To accommodate the sheer extent of languages ultimately required, a two and three column page template was specifically developed to provide BSV with complete flexibility when constructing a page for a specific ethnicity. For example, ‘Arabic’ page content running from right to left:


User Experience

The largest, and most important challenge of this project was understanding the various demographics and users who would be accessing the website and the technologies that they’d be using to do so.

Through stakeholder interviews and user surveys, we discovered a very diverse group of users, mostly women (of different ages) with varying technical competencies, accessibility levels and language/ literacy barriers.

With the audience clearly understood, the following design challenges were identified and needed to be addressed as part of the solution:

1. How do we best provide these users with the most relevant, screening-related information every step of the way;
2. How do we help these users find BSV screening locations and improve access the MyBreastScreen user portal.

It should also be noted that the solution required conformance to WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

Project Marketing

With design-lead thinking and multiple rounds of user tests, we delivered a solution that not only answered various design challenges, but genuinely helps a diverse group of users better access and understand screening-related content.

'What Happens' and 'Breast Cancer & Screening' are critical information sources for women exploring the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. In the 9 months following the launch of the website, this content has been seen 95,219 times - a 319.45% improvement from the old website. In that same time, we've also seen a 106.42% lift in views of BreastScreen Victoria's location-related content.

Regarding the MyBreastScreen user portal, by seeding various natural calls-to-action throughout the website, we’ve been able to increase not only the usability of the portal, but the ease of which people access it. To illustrate this point, since launch we’ve seen:
- A 14% increase in the number of users accessing the portal YOY;
- An 8% decrease in Bounce Rate YOY;
- A 1:10 increase in Average Session Duration YOY with the number of pages per session also increasing by 14%.

Since going live, the BSV project has also won numerous accolades including:
- Webby Honoree (Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit) by The Webby Awards;
- Best UI Design and Best UX Design by CSS Design Awards;
- Site of the Month by SilverStripe;

We are extremely proud to have been involved in this project.

Project Privacy

The BSV website does not gather any personal information on its users.

This category is all about helping our communities to connect and engage, from emergency services to Not for Profits to social groups, these apps and sites not may not only assist in delivery but also create efficiencies providing those at the coalface more time to do their important work whether it be fighting fires or managing the local team. It's not all serious though we're also looking for projects that work to help bring the community groups together with fun and enjoyable activities.
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