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Toorak Private Residence [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Bluetree Studios


Project Overview

Glowing Structures were commissioned to design the bespoke lighting installation for this new build residence and external landscaping.
The client's clear vision for a highly individual, sophisticated and contemporary residence that remained warm and inviting with spaces infused with dramatic and fun elements, really added to the great outcome of this project.
The seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor living areas was another important consideration requested by the client, where the exterior had to become part of the interior and through the use of lighting the garden had to be seen to come alive!!

Project Commissioner

Private Residence - Client

Project Creator

Glowing Structures


Paul Bangay Garden Design
Via Bizuno Lighting
Zumtobel Lighting
Euroluce-FLOS Lighting
Louis Poulsen Lighting

Project Brief

Glowing Structures were commissioned to design the bespoke lighting installation for this new build residence and external landscaping. The client’s requirement for a minimal yet welcoming home with fun, quirky elements. The lighting needed to be fully integrated into the interior design to ensure a seamless yet striking installation.

Project Innovation/Need

Highly sophisticated custom luminaires were required to be designed, using the latest energy efficient LED technology, to enable the integration of the light fittings within the fabric of the interior design.
No less than 14 custom made luminaires were designed to achieve the desired effects.
A lighting control system was specifically customised to fulfil the clients requirements and provide a simple, easy to use lighting control.

Design Challenge

The greatest challenge was to incorporate the light fittings within the interior architecture as most of the internal structure was concrete formed off site. Therefore meticulous coordination between the architect, engineers and our team was required to deliver the successful outcome.
Another significant challenge was to ensure there was adequate lighting levels throughout, whilst retaining the desired ‘resort like’ ambience WITHOUT littering the ceiling with a plethora of downlights.


To ensure the installation was as sustainable as possible, the priority was to use energy efficient light fittings which consumed minimal power consumption. The fittings needed to be maintenance free and accessible.
The selection of lights from manufacturers who sourced materials from sustainable sources, minimal waste was imperative.
As many fittings were created to suit the projects specific requirements, local fabricators were engaged to minimise freight, cartage etc. and utilise local products and materials.
The lighting control system was a significant implementation to ensure the lighting is only operating at the reuired, dimmed level to suit the clients’ specific needs. By dimming the lighting, the energy consumed was upto 80% less than without a dimming system.

This award celebrates creative and innovative lighting design or effects in indoor or outdoor spaces.
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