Project Overview

The Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier forum for its members’ international economic cooperation and decision-making. Hosting the G20 in 2014 gives Australia a valuable opportunity to influence the economic policies of the major economies of the world and contribute to a healthy, growing and resilient global economy. Achieving such outcomes will boost Australian jobs, living standards and long-term prosperity.

The most important event in the G20 year is the Leaders Summit where world leaders meet to make decisions on key economic and financial policy issues. The Summit will be held in Brisbane and is the most significant meeting of world leaders that Australia has hosted.


The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Strategic Director: Mandy Lear
Art Director: Kate Gosnell
Designers: Riki Salam, Jack Tierney, Kate Gosnell and Scott Ketley

Project Brief

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet assembled a creative team within its G20 Taskforce to produce a uniquely Australian corporate brand identity to represent the G20 for 2014 and help showcase Australia.

Smart, innovative and fresh, the logo is distinctly Australian and acknowledges our traditional Indigenous Australian culture. The logo was designed by an Indigenous Australian artist and represents a weaving together of nations, a gathering of leaders and the journeys they will embark upon throughout 2013-14. The triangle shapes represent the members, invited guests and international organisations that attend the G20.

The logo is inspired by the indigenous weaving patterns of the Coconut Palm leaf. Connecting shapes, representing the Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent legend, form a track through the events of the year and reflect the G20 journey. The weaving also forms into fish shapes to represent the Dhari, the traditional Torres Strait Islander headdress. The fish is a reminder of the connection between the people and the sea – the source of life and food. The colours represent the diverse Australian landscape from lush green rainforests, to deep blue oceans and red desert sands, and economic sectors underpinning the G20 agenda such as resources, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Project Innovation/Need

Though contemporary use of bespoke Indigenous artwork, and its traditional visual story-telling elements, the G20 Australia 2014 Corporate Identity distinguishes Australia as the G20 host country for 2014, and promises a new direction for the G20 through emphasis on collaboration and interaction between nations.

Design Challenge

The overall design challenge was to brand the G20 in 2014 as distinctly Australian. Internationally and domestically, people should receive the message that Australia is economically and culturally diverse, that it’s the host nation for 2014, and perceive its involvement to be of value.

Engagement with non-government groups is an essential part of how the G20 operates so five brand extensions (logo and style guide) were created for the official engagement groups to ensure they are able to create their own G20 Australia products with minimal direction.


A holistic solution to identity application and communication was delivered efficiently and effectively. From a user-friendly and easy to navigate website, to a suite of high-quality business products made readily available to official G20 groups.

Throughout 2014, G20 meeting venues are filled with large-format branded graphics to create maximum impact with international delegations and media. Highly visible directional signage creates interest and energy in a corporate setting, and most importantly reinforces the G20 Australia 2014 Corporate Identity.


This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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