2013 Melbourne Design Awards

B4 | Vanity [DRAFT]

Image Credit : Photography by Vicki Morskate for Formed.



Project Overview

The B4 Vanity is 'Formed's' new signature range of Vanities. Made in Australia with a integrated CorianĀ® B4 Basin top (with overflow) and Tasmanian oak, these vanities display a very modern style. Capturing an elegant simplicity that is perfect for any modern home. Made with sustainable plantation tasmanian oak hardwood, they come with a signal draw and are available in different sizes and draw combinations


Formed Australia


Stephen Royce - Product Designer
Malcolm Alexander - Fabricator

Project Brief

As a designer, I wanted a product that was really striking to look at. Something in the bathroom that could take the entire focus of a room. I didn't want to be restricted with traditional materials or designs.

As for the materials, I wanted to move away from the vinyl wrap mdf's and use real hardwoods. The use of Australian plantation hardwood is sustainable and suitable for wet conditions. Choosing Corian for the actual 'wet' basin is hard wearing, easy to clean and has 'greenguard' certification, so fit's in with our companies low environmental impact criteria.

Project Need

Moving the draw to the side as opposed to the traditional 'below the sink' gives the vanity a more unique, thinner, floating feel.

First time we have Integrating Corian (man made composite) & hardwood

I have chosen materials that haven't been commonly used in vanities, this is due mainly to the costs. Vinyl wrap mdf is cheaper to produce then using hard woods.

Design Challenge

Getting the market to accept hardwoods back into the bathroom was seen as a potential challenge with a perception of the water damaging the timber over time.

Integrating Corian with the hardwood was a challenge. Both materials expand and contract at different temperatures.

Higher raw material costs making a more expensive end product in a market that is choosing more economical offerings.


Materials -
Plantation Tasmanian Oak.
Corian - 'GreenGuard' certification. Not using toxic vinyl wrap mdf's like traditional vanities.

The entire unit is entirely manufactured and assembled in the one factory in Ballarat. Lowering the carbon footprint by not shipping part made components from one place to another.

Designed and tested in CAD before manufacturing minimising wasted materials.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product.. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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