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Oneflare [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Oneflare is Australia's fastest growing marketplace for local services with over 35,000 business registered and over $16 million of jobs requested.

Oneflare has built a revolutionary iPhone app that allow users to request over 250 local services and receive real time quotes and responses from local businesses in their area.

Customers can review the quotes they receive together with the business' accreditation, license and customer feedback. For businesses, the app provides complete mobile capability to receive real time leads and respond/quote on jobs while they are on site.




Kristian Tasevski
Debora Silva
Adam Dong
Marcus Lim
James Martin

Project Brief

The Oneflare iPhone app is Australia's first iPhone that allows you to request for local services and receive real time quality quotes/responses from local businesses.

Customers are able to download to app and provide the service that they are looking for and the app will return with the right question to ask regarding their service, e.g. if they are looking for a cleaner, electrician, plumber, carpenter etc. Customers are able to take photos and share images of their job. Once they have completed the form, within 24hrs they will be able to receive up to 4 quotes for their job. They will be able to compare the quotes and review the business' online reputation based on their customer feedback, overall rating and any verification documents. The customer is able to select and hire the provider through the site and when the work is done, the customer is able to leave a review and rating for the business.

Business are able to receive and read through the job lead description and images in real time via push notification. This affords businesses the ability to respond while they are on site or mobile. Once they have submitted their responses they get instant access to the customer's contact details and get in contact with them directly.

The app also allows businesses to dynamically update their profile by taking photos of their work onsite and uploading them instantly to their profile which is connected to their website.

Project Need

Customers end
1. job questions - the app is able to generate relevant questions for the user to complete to provide businesses with more information. E.g. for a cleaning job, it will ask how many bedrooms, whether it is a once off clean or regular.
2. Image sharing - users can take and post photos of the job they need done e.g. reapir a broken cabinet and send it to relevant cabinet makers in the area to tender for the work
3. compare quotes - customers are able to compare quotes and the online reputation of the business
4. Matching technology - every customer's job request is automatically matched to several businesses to quote based on service category and location

Business end
1. Receive job leads in real time - businesses are able to receive push notification of live jobs and read through the job request while they are out and about
2. Job quoting - Business can respond to job leads immediately by providing a price or site inspection request. After submission they are able to get the customers contact number and call them directly.
3. Portfolio images - businesses are able to take before and after photos of their work and instantly share to Facebook and upload it into their business profile or website.

User Experience

There are 2 types of users for the iPhone app. One is the customer who is looking to request local service(s) and the second is a business who is looking to receive and respond to job leads.

The customer engages with the app by providing information about their job details which includes a text description and also the ability to upload photos of the job to provide businesses with a better idea. The customer will have to provide their contact details such as name, mobile and email and postcode for businesses to contact them.

Once a customer receives multiple quotes they are notified via push notification and they can instantly view the individual quotes through the app and compare them all at once. They are able to hire the business through the app and once the work is completed, a rating and review can be left for the business.

Businesses engage with the app by signing in and then receiving push notification of job leads. Once a lead is received, business can start quoting or responding to the job by providing a price and a description of their quote or site inspection request. Once the quote is submitted, the business instantly receives the customers contact details and is able to make contact immediately.

The business is able to update their profile information by updating their logo, contact details, portfolio images and login details.

Project Marketing

Oneflare currently has over 35,000 businesses registered and over 50,000 customers on Oneflare.com.au. Our marketing strategy would involve:
1. Sending EDMs and SMSs to all all our users notifying them of our new iPhone app launch.
2. Get our PR company to engage with all the relevant technology and consumer media in Australia about the benefits of the app for customers and businesses
3. SEO - optimise our iTunes connect store for search related results e.g. "home and garden"
4. Blog networks - approach relevant target market blogs to write a review about our app e.g. mummy, technology and consumer blogs
5. Tell a friend function on the app to allow viral spread.
6. EDM to contact list of real estate agents in Australia introducing the Oneflare app
7. Social Media - engage with all our Facebook fans and twitter follows to run competitions using the app.

This category is suitable for applications providing directory listings or information guides bringing all the relevant information and tips together in one app e.g.industry listings, trade directories, wedding planners

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