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Project Overview

No mater whether you have network coverage, collect accident details on the spot then use these details to lodge a claim. The app uses the phones GPS to locate you and camera to snap what happened.

Also available is a branch finder that automatically finds your nearest branch with Google Maps integration for turn by turn navigation.

The app contains links to NRMA's purpose built and responsive quoting, payments and renewal applications.

Feedback is built right into the app which goes straight back to the development team. Also all tap to call telephone numbers.


Insurance Australia Group


Using Agile development techniques, a cross-functional team including eBusiness, Technology, development expertise from Tigerspike and UX from Technocrat.

Guerilla UX testing was conducted in two rounds meeting NRMA Insurance customers in their homes, in bars and cafes. This tested UX wireframe and Graphic Design completed before the development phase began.

Project Brief

In response to the explosive growth of mobile traffic to NRMA Insurance's Retail Website IAG developed a Mobile Strategy as part of a wider Digital Strategy. A key part of this Mobile Strategy was to develop a free Native App for our customers so we could always be with our customers.

A key opportunity identified was helping our customers through the stressful time after a car accident. Providing an easy to use online / offline Native app experience would be a way that we could be with our customers at the moment of truth.

Once our customers see the natural utility of the app and keep the app on their phone we also offer tap to call for all products and online renewal, quotes for new products and the ability to buy.

Project Need

The hero feature and innovation really comes from the 'Crash Note'. Combining easy to read flat design with a UX designed and tested 'What to do after an accident' process, the Crash Note is an essential feature for NRMA and non-NRMA customers.

The app first asks if everyone is OK, shows your location and offers a 000 tap to call. Alternatively you can start recording the details of your accident with the assistance of GPS, Google Maps and the Smartphone camera.

All necessary time of accident details are prompted to be collected making the confusing and stressful car accident situation simple and straightforward.

With Australia's high smartphone penetration rates, instead of scratching around for a pen and paper, simply pull up your smartphone which may be in your pocket or mounted on your dashboard and fire up the NRMA Insurance App.

User Experience

The user engages with the App Natively which is important as 3G signal may not be available at the time of accident. The user then is guided through all the information required to be collected at the scene of the accident in a simple way. The information can then be sent via email or recalled on the smartphone when needing to lodge a claim.

Project Marketing

Our marketing strategy was the following:

1. Wait for IT to confirm product stability - soft launch.
2. Promote the app via our desktop and mobile websites.
3. Promote via regular eDM campaigns to our customers.
4. A radio comercial.
5. Facebook post.
6. Possible Facebook / in app competition in mind.
5. Once the Android version is complete a wider mass market campaign may begin.

This category relates to applications that provide financial information and tools.
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