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Instapuzzle [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Instapuzzle is an iPhone game that turns your Instagram photos into sliding puzzles.




Justin Almering - Technical Direction and Development
Jazz Feldy - Creative Direction and Design
Anthony Harrison - Project Management

Project Brief

Do you love Instagram? Do you spend too much time crafting all your cat photos? Do you sit and wait anxiously for the ‘Likes’ to tally up, to be loved and admired by friends and strangers alike? Now you will.

Introducing Instapuzzle, the game that lets you play super fun puzzles with your Instagram photos.

Instagram photos are jumbled up into a sliding puzzle for you to solve. Play puzzles using your photos, your friends’ photos, photos you’ve liked or from a curated weekly feature. Switch it up by changing the difficulty, then use hints if you get stuck. You can even keep track of your high scores and game stats and brag to your mates.

Project Need

Instapuzzle is a new game that lets you play simple yet fun puzzles with your Instagram photos. Instagram photos are jumbled up into a mixed grid. Simply slide the squares until you’ve solved the puzzle.

Unlike other puzzle games in the store Instapuzzle allows you to play with your own content via a clean, simple interface. Instapuzzle gives new life to those carefully created and loved Instagrams that without it, would be long lost and forgotten in the feed.

Our hope is that Instapuzzle is recognised as the most entertaining app utilising the Instagram API.

User Experience

As you'll see Instapuzzle encompasses a simple yet beautiful interface. The vertical scrolling main menu is an unique feature and something we haven't seen previously on a mobile app.

We spent a lot of time on the technical design especially around downloading of Instagram photos in the background while a user plays, an advanced algorithm for choosing puzzles to ensure a user always plays something new and contingencies to deal with poor network conditions. The complex technical decisions made, we think, enabled us to create an app that is simple and elegant to use.

Project Marketing

As stated above, one of the many ways a user can play Instapuzzle is via a curated weekly feature. The changing nature of this feature provides us an opportunity to interact with the Instapuzzle community on a weekly basis. This interaction helps build awareness of the app in an organic manner.

The weekly feature is chosen around global events happening at the time. Last week the feature was Burning Man themed to coincide with the annual festival. Other features include themes surrounding Tour de France, USA Independence Day and Wimbledon.

This category relates to board, card, dice, casino and puzzle games developed for the mobile platform.
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