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Myer Emporium for iPad [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Myer emporium magazine for iPad is designed to give users the fashion, beauty and lifestyle edit from the shopping experts and inspire them to enjoy the very best of the season! Every issue is designed to be a one-stop shopping and lifestyle guide for all the best of fashion, beauty and homewares available at Myer. Each iPad issue features exclusive extra content not available in the printed edition, such as picture galleries, fully-styled outfits for holiday dressing and video and links to online products for purchase.

Project Commissioner

Bauer Media

Project Creator



Myer Emporium magazine for iPad is the result of a successful and strong partnership between Myer and Bauer Media. Bauer works with Myer to produce a much-loved print magazine that is a gift with purchase for 250,000 Myer One shoppers 4 times a year. From this success we have worked with technology partner Oomph to create a beautiful, interactive – and free! – fashion magazine app for iPad!

Project Brief

Myer was looking for a way to extend the reach of their printed magazine, position themselves as an innovator in this space and ultimately drive both footfall and online sales. Bauer looked at ways to not only use the print content developed for the Myer emporium magazine but also to create additional digital-only content that would take full advantage of the iPad’s resolution and exciting interactive functions to create a beautiful, world-class interactive magazine app.

Project Need

Myer emporium magazine for iPad launched in 2010, when the iPad Newsstand was in its infancy and no other Australian brands had a magazine app, in fact it was the first department store magazine app in the world. The Myer magazine was also the first custom magazine in Australia to have a iPad newsstand magazine. At that time there were limited interactive titles in general on the App Store and Myer stood out as a leader in the marketplace. This is recognised by readers in our ratings. For example:
“I love the iPad issues, it is one of the best online magz available. Thank you Myers please keep this going, and free. The best things in lift are free! Whoever the app developer is for the mag on ipad is very clever and advanced for an Australian online magazine.”

The Myer magazine ipad app also carries fully paid advertising thus driving further revenue.

User Experience

Our app operates within the Oomph platform and is designed to operate as a magazine, allowing users to swipe pages and scroll through articles in a simple and familiar way.
Our app includes interactive content and functionality such as:
• Video In-page, fullscreen and pre-roll
• Animation Moving images and colour transitioning photos
• Tap to reveal additional text and/or images.
• Live links to relevant websites
• Tap to calendar To drop events in the iPad’s native Calendar app
• Social media sharing Individual pages can be sent via email, Facebook or Twitter

Project Marketing

We dedicate a full page in the print magazine to sell the benefit of the exclusive content in the iPad edition.

Myer.com.au also includes direct pointers to download the tablet edition – we refresh this page with each issue, calling out the specific benefits of the content.

In terms of engagement, our app has 17, 240 subscribers – a very strong number that indicates people are enjoying our app’s content!

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