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AsdeqDocs [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Enterprises need their files and documents to be available to employees on tablets, smartphones and laptops, retaining a single point of truth for the original document and without comprising security or using external consumer cloud services, while at the same time enhancing mobile employee productivity and collaboration. AsdeqDocs is a powerful solution that drives mobile productivity and collaboration because it integrates with existing IT systems and maintains enterprise control, so no one needs to change the way they work as their documents are automatically synchronized across their devices.




Mike Nermut, Jon Nermut

Project Brief

AsdeqDocs is a next generation enterprise mobility content management solution that enables the secure and automatic synchronization of corporate documents to and from employee’s tablets and smartphones. The AsdeqDocs solution is installed behind the corporate firewall and directly connects a mobile user with more than 18 leading document management solutions including SharePoint, Documentum, Exchange, File Shares, OpenText, WebCenter, HP Trim and IBM Connections. AsdeqDocs allows a user to securely access, edit, annotate, author and search for documents while mobile. AsdeqDocs employs military- grade encryption at all levels, enforces document-level security and provides full on-device audit logging allowing an administrator to determine who has accessed what documents, when and optionally from where. More information on AsdeqDocs is online at www.asdeqlabs.com.

Project Need

The AsdeqDocs solution allows customers to retain tight control of secure corporate data while enhancing the productivity of mobile employees through:

Integration: AsdeqDocs tightly integrates with an enterprise’s existing document repositories and Active Directory. The solution allows seamless and dynamic synchronization of documents to mobile devices without having to use third party cloud systems. With ordinary file sharing frameworks, the mere act of moving or copying a document can cause the enterprise permissions associated with that document to be stripped, and the document is duplicated – losing the concept of a master. AsdeqDocs integrates with, and leverages existing enterprise systems and infrastructure.

Security: Enterprise files are usually stored securely behind the firewall within an industry standard document management repository. Permissions are attached to each document and each group of users that can access those documents. AsdeqDocs leverages existing security permissions and extends these to mobile devices. Corporate data remains encrypted in transit and at rest, and is secure at all times on the device. There are no data leaks and the enterprise can wipe the device’s secure container at any time.

Device and user control: Once a document is on the employee’s device, often that’s when problems start because so many file formats can be used. With AsdeqDocs the enterprise has control over whether users can use Open In. AsdeqDocs also tightly integrates with third party editing tools, such as Office2, to ensure that the Office document is only opened, edited and saved back to the AsdeqDocs secure container in Office2.

User Experience

Enterprises need their files and documents to be available to workers on tablets, smartphones and laptops, without comprising security or using an external cloud service, while at the same time enhancing mobile employee productivity and collaboration.

Employees armed with their smartphone, tablet or laptop engage with their documents through the AsdeqDocs application. Files are stored on the device in an AES256 encrypted container and dynamically synchronized with enterprise document repositories, meaning content on AsdeqDocs-enabled mobile devices is always up to date with the master documents. Employees can work online and offline and have access to a major set of productivity tools that allow them to annotate, fully edit (MS Office documents), search both on the device and server and share files with nominated internal and external users.

AsdeqDocs also provides full on-device audit logging, allowing an administrator to determine who has accessed which documents, when, and if they choose, from where. Files may also be remotely wiped in the event a device is lost or stolen.

AsdeqDocs thereby keeps the enterprise in control: the administrator has complete visibility and authority over corporate data, with the ability to enforce access and each user’s ability to read, transfer, edit, email, and share documents on mobile devices.

Project Marketing

AsdeqDocs is the only Enterprise Mobile Document Management solution that can offer; cloudless, dynamic synchronization of files to mobile devices without the need for duplicated file storage, integration with over 18 leading document repositories, security that leaves the enterprise in control of its IP and an app that engages mobile workers allowing true productivity gains.

Our marketing strategy is not the consumer, nor is it the end user being a mobile employee of a large corporation. We target the C level of large organizations in both Australia, USA and South East Asia. Over the past six months we have build a strong Channel partner program who resell and support AsdeqDocs and in addition we are marketing though our partners that include Samsung, Apple, Aruba, MobileIron, MacAfee, Symantec, HiSoftware etc.

We have generated Analyst coverage in the USA with 451 Research, Forrester and Gartner and promote learners webinars through our resellers and partners.

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