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Australia Post Digital Mailbox [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Receive mail from selected service providers, pay bills, set up automatic payments and reminders, and store your important documents online. All in one place and with one password.


Australia Post


iOS Development team: DiUS Australia
Product Manager: Ben Wilson
Customer Experience Manager: Gabriele Hermansson
Head of Product/Marketing: Nick Corr
Head of Delivery: Peter McTaggart

Project Brief

The Australia Post Digital Mailbox is a new online personal management product that will enable you to receive communications, pay bills, and store important documents online. It’s a secure platform that can be accessed anywhere, any time, using your iPhone, iPad or any computer with an internet connection.

The digital mailbox is designed to give you convenience, security and peace of mind when managing your bills, statements and other transactions online.

Unlike email, you will not receive SPAM or Phishing emails. This is because you are in control of who you receive mail from, and only certified service providers whom you connect with will be able to send you digital mail.

Project Need

The future of communications. Australia Post Digital MailBox is working to migrate Australians from the physical mail and retail transactions to embrace the convenience and capabilities of mobile platforms.
We are doing this by harnessing the rich heritage of one of Australia's oldest and most trusted organizations and combining it with cutting edge native mobile applications.

User Experience

User Centered Design techniques have been employed to ensure we put the consumer at the heart of all design and development decisions. This has created a rich User experience that is constantly improving through the use of public beta, User testing; with feedback incorporated directly into our agile development processes.

Project Marketing

Product was launch in public beta on May 22nd and promoted via email to consumers who previously registered interest. Working directly with out launch partners to promote Australia Post Digital Mailbox to their customers before more broadly launching the product to all Australians in 2014.

This category recognises applications that aid and facilitate productivity such as notes, diaries, word processors, schedulers, data entry and spreadsheet apps.
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