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Ask The Butcher [DRAFT]





Project Overview

Anthony Puharich is the butcher’s answer to celebrity cooking’s Jamie Oliver. With a great depth of knowledge and expertise of all things meat, the Ask The Butcher app helps to bring his knowledge to the masses. The app guides you through the entire cooking experience of preparing and cooking meat like a pro, from purchase to the plate.

Project Commissioner

Vic's Meats

Project Creator

Razorfish Australia


Producer/Account Manager: Amy Bozier
iOS Development: Dan Nolan and Maxwell Swadling
Art Director: Dan Krause
Creative Director: Sandor Moldan

Project Brief

We were charged with updating the existing Ask The Butcher app – a simple, but popular information driven app with basic features. We wanted to bring a host of new features to the table, helping to create a complete and streamlined cooking process for the user, one that started with choosing what to buy for the cooking process itself.

As a food personality, Anthony was eager to shift the app from simply being a utility to the more genuine, human experience one would get from chatting to their local butcher. The ability to ask Anthony a question directly through the app would connect people with a celebrity butcher that loves meat as much as they do.

In addition to reimagining the app itself, we created a completely new brand identity for Ask The Butcher – in line with Anthony’s upcoming TV show on the Lifestyle FOOD, and traversing a new, dedicated website and his social channels as well as the mobile app.

Project Need

Television shows are no longer about merely engaging your audience for half an hour each week and then letting them wait for next week’s episode. With Anthony’s new show, Ask The Butcher, we wanted to bring fans much closer to the show experience.

The Ask The Butcher website extended the experience online, providing great content in the form of recipes and cooking ideas. And the new mobile app was the centrepiece that provided people all the tools they needed to bring those ideas to life – and truly cook meat like a professional. Together, the TV show, website and app provided a unique cooking experience for users, with access to all of Anthony’s expertise.

User Experience

In reinventing the app, we completely overhauled the original Ask The Butcher user experience, turning a set of handy features into a true end-to-end experience. The app acts as a companion throughout the whole cooking process: from a moment of cooking inspiration, to exploring new cuts and methods, approaching the butcher with the right questions, and professionally preparing and cooking the meat.

Users are guided through the following features:

- The Meat Rack lists different cuts of meat by animal, along with information on how best to prepare and cook it. Based on the cut, it also equips the user with a list of questions to ask their local butcher.

- Suggest A Cut is just like chatting to your local butcher. It helps users decide on the right cut based on the cooking style, how many people are being fed, and even encourages them to branch out and try something new.

- Cook It Perfectly, with its timeline-based instructions, is a powerful timer feature that allows you to cook any cut to perfection, no matter the cut, size or desired doneness.

- Ask A Question allows users to send their questions directly to Anthony to receive further expert advice.

Project Marketing

Once the Ask The Butcher app had been created, we needed to re-engage existing users and invite other meat-lovers of Australia to try it. In collaboration with the Lifestyle Food channel, we announced the return of the app and promoted it alongside the Ask The Butcher television show. We leveraged Anthony’s owned channels for further promotion, pushing the app online at the new Ask The Butcher website, through social channels and in-store and on-premise at the Victor Churchill butchery and Vic’s Meats Market Days.

The new incarnation of the Ask The Butcher app has been greeted with praise from existing users and new meat-lovers alike, with an App Store rating of 4.5 stars.

Thanks to the Ask The Butcher app, Aussies aren’t just enjoying their meat, but cooking it perfectly too.

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