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Samsung Stadium [DRAFT]





Project Overview

The British & Irish Lions Tour is a 3 Test Series played every 12 years. With 30,000 insurgent Brits on the way there was scant room left for the casual Aussie rugby fan. We wanted every fan to be a part of the action, wherever they were, so we created Samsung Stadium – a virtual, real time, audience experience connecting Wallabies fans together when their team needed them most. Powered by social feeds on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, exclusive alternate commentary from Roy & HG brought 60,000 active fans closer to the action in Australia’s only virtual stadium.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator



Samsung Stadium Credits - Samsung, Razorfish, Octagon

Dan Canham, Sponsorship Manager
Jai Sanderson, Corporate Brand & Communications Manager
Arno Lenior, Marketing Director

Carly Adamis – Client Services Director
Vanessa Wolff – Senior Account Director
Peter Segerer – Senior Producer
Jonny Stark – Social Media Director
Christian Behrendt – Executive Creative Director
Sándor Moldán – Creative Director
Leslie Nassar – Technology Director
Tom Deng – Design Lead
Dan Krause – Art Director
Alex Rekasi – Art Director
Courtney Walter – Designer
Matthew Merryfull – Associate Technology Director
Peter Aad – Senior PLD
Dean Vowles – Social Media Executive
Nicole Hedemann – Social Media Executive
Dan Nolan - Mobile Development Lead
Max Swadling - Mobile Developer
Brady O'Halloran - Technical Lead

Project Brief

Needing to leverage Samsung’s sponsorship of the Wallabies, we arrived at an insight all rugby fans would agree with: there’s nothing like being in the stadium for a big rugby game. Or is there? As a technology brand, Samsung was eager to enhance the enjoyment of the Lions tour by bringing everyone a little piece of the stadium experience, wherever they were watching. The Samsung Stadium app transformed the casual rugby experience into a virtual stadium, allowing the electronics brand to promote a wide range of its products that were central to the act of watching rugby itself: TV, mobile/tablet and home entertainment.

Project Need

Many Aussie rugby fans – casual and loyal alike – were in danger of missing out on the action due to the high cost of tickets and an influx of overseas visitors, stadium venues sold out long before the tour began. This created a unique opportunity for Samsung to be part of the experience for the thousands of fans who would be watching the games at home.

Our aim was to use technology to take the rugby action to fans of all kinds, where ever they were. To do this, we brought Roy & HG's live, alternate sports commentary to an app – creating a world first. This app allowed fans to stream Roy & HG's live audio commentary in line with the TV broadcast of the matches, becoming a second screen in their living room.

We used cutting-edge audio streaming technology to provide access to large numbers of simultaneous listeners as well as minimising any delay with the live broadcast. All in all, we provided 37,000 total audio streams of the alternate commentary through the campaign duration.

Behind the scenes, we used the TweeVeeTV platform, created by Razorfish Technical Director Leslie Nassar, to power the social feed. This system allowed us to process up to 10,000 Tweets per minute, bringing fans a syndicated stream of real-time social content from currently trending rugby hash tags and key influencers across the sphere of Rugby. In total, we served 2.4 million Twitter impressions over the course of the campaign.

User Experience

We created two key destinations, each with a specific role to play. The mobile app brought people closer to the in-game action, whilst the website was designed to be an always-on experience that drove ongoing conversation between the test matches.

The app was designed as a second screen companion to be used by people watching the game from home, a friend's place or down at the pub (or even at a wedding reception, in the case of one especially keen fan).

The app functionality allowed users to listen to the live commentary by Roy & HG during the three Wallabies vs. Lions Test matches. The live social stream on the app gave fans the ability to interact with other rugby fans throughout the game and the tour.

The social feed also featured images and details of experiential activities Samsung conducted to amplify the campaign i.e. Samsung Store appearances by players and the week long experiential on Southbank, Melbourne.

Project Marketing

Once the Samsung Stadium had been created, we needed to invite the people of Australia to join. In collaboration with our campaign partners, Octagon, our marketing strategy involved producing a teaser video of Roy & HG to both announce their alternate commentary of the Test series and generate hype. We used display media and promoted posts on social channels to drive awareness of Roy & HG's alternate commentary and how fans could download it via the Samsung Stadium app. We also reached out to key rugby influencers to bring them into the Samsung Stadium to help promote the app, a strategy that resulted in almost 17,000 app downloads and 60,000 active stadium members – a bigger crowd than the record-breaking attendance at the first Lions test in Brisbane.

This category recognises the best use of mobile incorporated in a wider marketing campaign.
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