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Bartercard International Group - Mobility Application [DRAFT]






Project Overview

We wanted to improve the convenience for our 30,000 Bartercard businesses around the world and to do that we needed to build a digital wallet capable of handling multiple currency transaction in an encrypted format, providing an international directory of members with Google maps and click to call features.
The idea was to develop a free downloadable mobile application that would work on multiple mobile devices and operating systems i.e. Apple and Android for all Bartercard members globally (Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, United Kingdom, Cyprus, UAE and USA) allowing all members 24/365 access.


Bartercard International Group


Senior Developer - Roman Chayka
Developer - Trent Higgs
Senior Developer - Chris Thompson
Tester - Chris Dietz
Head of Software Innovation & Development Scott Chappel
Online Solutions Manager - Julie Russ

Project Brief

The mobile application allows our members to:-
• View their account balance in real time
• Search the international member directory in real time to:
- find other Bartercard members in a different city or country
- find members around their current location (using a KM radius search),
- get a detailed description for that business,
- be able to view their location on Google maps and click to call them.
• Instantly pay another member in Bartercard Trade Dollars.
• Instantly receive funds from another member
• Locate Bartercard offices in any country and be able to instantly seek assistance via a click to call feature
• Search Favourite members (built from within our online member dedicated website)
• Transactions could be undertaken in a combination of currencies e.g. A$ to GB£

First and foremost, the idea was directly to improve the experience of our Bartercard members globally allowing them to transact and find members to trade with easily.

Secondly we wanted to improve the productivity and profitability of our Licensees/Franchisees by giving members a tool which enhanced a members trading experience and allowed the Franchisees account managers to focus on offering even better direct service to members.

Thirdly, we wanted to create a platform that would generate a higher frequency of transactions to increase company revenue. The Mobile Application increases the opportunity for trading transactions to occur and reduces the amount of time paper transactions.

Project Need

No other Trade Exchange in the world has a mobile app allowing it's members a directory search to find other members to Trade with and the ability to transact internationally. Bartercard has a very comprehensive member dedicated website where a member can buy, sell, search, transact and carry out nearly all aspects of business and personal Bartercard trading online.

The limitation is that most customers do not carry a web enabled laptop everywhere with them. Some trading opportunities are exactly that, opportunities. We wanted members to be able find what they wanted and trade wherever they were. Every time a Bartercard member needs to make a purchase they now have the ability to use their Bartercard account when the need arises.

User Experience

Members download the Bartercard App from the App Store or Google play store. They are then required to login using their online portal details. From here, they gain access to their live available balance, the ability to process a sale or pay another member, to search the directory for other Bartercard members globally, look at their favourite members and add to this list through the directory or contact one of the Bartercard offices around the world with click to call features.

Most members are logging in to transact instantly by means of paying another member or processing sale and also discovering Bartercard members within their region that they did not even know were there by utilizing the mobile directory.

We researched prior to launch to determine what was important to our members by analysing the growing usage of our existing online member dedicated website, online directory, transactions online and online statements which confirmed the customer acceptance of these tools. We also researched the general public’s reviews and popularity of other mobile phone apps by banks, financial institutions, payment gateways, business directories, etc.
(most did a reasonable job of single aspects of what we set out to achieve, but none even attempted to incorporate all of our features in one app).

Project Marketing

Due to the fact that our Licensees and Franchisees were heavily involved with the planning from the concept stage, the commitment to the initiative was there internally from the beginning.
Test Environment: We rolled out a testing environment to all Licensees globally, Franchisee’s and internal staff prior to launch allowing all staff to download the app, and familiarise themselves with it. Our Licensees and Franchise staff are our distribution network to the members so it was important they knew how to download the mobile app and were aware of the functions to promote it to the members.

The roll out to members consisted of a series of email marketing campaigns counting down the days until launch. A flyer mail out to all members explaining how to download the app and the benefits was sent. Each Bartercard country promoted the app in their own way to make the biggest impact. Events in each region were also held to encourage the download of the app. Banners on all our internal and external websites with email signature banners for all staff.

The category relates to applications developed to facilitate the transfer of funds over the mobile platform.
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