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Project Overview

Receiving physical gift cards is a hassle.
- Too many cards to carry;
- Gift cards left at home and not with you when you need them;
- Limited choice of where to spend your gift card.
GiftPay is the answer to these hassles.

For high-volume gift senders (employee incentive programs, reward programs), sending a high volume of gifts is expensive.
- Costly to store and deliver physical gifts
- Prohibitively expensive to send low value gifts
GiftPay makes high-volume gift delivery simple and cost-efficient.


GiftPay Pty Ltd


The GiftPay creative and development team comprises 3 designers, 6 developers, as well as project managers, sales and account managers. The team has extensive experience in app development, web site design, product development and sales and marketing. GiftPay is a subsidiary company of PermissionCorp which has been operating in Australia for over 12 years.

Project Brief

For gift recipients, GiftPay allows you to receive and redeem your digital gifts in one place.

Gifts can include gift cards, gift vouchers, reward points, prize money and gift money.

You can carry all your gifts in your smartphone via the GiftPay wallet. Digital gift cards can be redeemed at nation-wide retailers. And digital gift currencies including gift money and reward points can be redeemed at local stores, for every day purchases like a coffee or a meal. Plus when paying with GiftPay, you can pre-order your meal or drink to save time.

1) Instant gift delivery and redemption;
2) Your gifts are always with you on your smartphone, you won't leave them at home;
3) No need to stuff your wallet with physical gift cards;
4) You can easily redeem gift money and reward points for low value items such as a coffee.

Project Need

GiftPay has met a real need in the market and brought several innovations together into one single app and platform.

- Organising and centralising different types of digital gifts into a single "virtual wallet";
- Instant gift giving of digital gifts with one simple app;
- Real time gift card balance updates;
- Micro-redemptions (e.g. redeem gift money for a coffee);
- Pre-ordering of food and beverage via smartphone to save the user time and hassle of waiting in a queue and waiting for a take-away order to be prepared.

User Experience

GiftPay has strived to make the receiving and redeeming of digital gifts easy and seamless.

- Existing users will receive a push notification on their phone when they receive a gift, while non-members will receive an SMS with details of their gift and info on how to join and redeem;
- A non-member who receives a gift will download the app, join GiftPay and then login to find their gift is already in their account waiting for them;
- Finding ways to spend a gift is very easy, with clear options for spending at local stores, converting to a digital gift card. Local stores can be filtered based on GPS location and distance as well;
- Even if converting gift money to a digital gift card, the gift card can be stored, activated and used within the app, offering a seamless gift experience from start to finish;
- Gift recipients who do not own a compatible smartphone will be able to redeem their gift using a GiftPay web-based app (responsive and mobile optimised design).

Project Marketing

GiftPay has a comprehensive marketing plan in place, involving both advertising, promotions, and organic growth through new gift recipients.

- giftpay.com web site, Facebook and other social media, Youtube videos and more;
- gift recipients new to the platform will learn about GiftPay and then install the app in order to redeem their gift;
- reward program members will install the app to enable redemption of their rewards through the GiftPay platform;
- local merchants, corporate gift issuers, and other program partners will be introduced to the platform via direct sales.

This category relates to applications that facilitate retail purchase via the mobile platform.
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