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Team Tap [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Team Tap is a unique, event-based digital fundraising tool and social game that dramatically reshapes and enhances user engagement by utilising proprietary technology that registers real time connections. The smart phone app raises money for charity and it can be utilised as part of any event, large or small, globally.

During an event, fans or customers become ‘players’ as they open the app and tap one another’s phones. Every tap is worth a monetary amount that is paid for by the sponsor not the player.


Team Tap


Producer - Kylee Ingram. With a background in documentary, Kylee has spent the past two years developing interactive projects that have achieved outstanding international marketplace recognition. Kylee’s leadership in the interactive field has been recognised at XMedia Lab, SXSW and Cannes Content 360 (with 2 nominations). Kylee is exploring the intersection of interactive media and the real world, working on developing experiences that she hopes will lead to action and positive impact.

App Developer
Terracoding offers web and mobile development professional services to clients in Australia, the UK and he US. With 5 years history in iPhone development (since the first iOS SDK was released) Terracoding delivers high quality applications based on an in-depth experience of iOS and general mobile development.

Terracoding uses the Ruby on Rails platform for web development. Ruby on Rails is a robust framework with an emphasis of code cleanliness and structure. The Terracoding team uses industry best practises such as Test Driven Development to design code that is both easily maintainable and scalable.

Notable Terracoding clients and partners include Spirax (Pop app), NHS research studies and the highly regarded Sprintly team task management application. Terracoding adds value to clients though responsiveness in communicating, transparency and education.

As well as web development, Terracoding offers UI design services and branding. Terracoding employs resources with an overlap in both technical and design skills, meaning that the time taken for concepts to be translated to usable code is comparatively reduced.

Terracoding also offers expertise in tech markets, and the Lean methodology of building market viable products.

Project Brief

TEAM TAP – raising money for charity through social connectivity and user engagement, tap by tap.

Every tap raises money for charity paid for by the sponsor. Active participation in a Team Tap event creates friendships and deepens loyalty to the charity,event and sponsor.

Team Tap is designed to create a fun experience that pushes the boundaries for social games and connectivity, and at the same time enables charities to create a buzz in their marketing campaigns.

Team Tap has found that charities are struggling to engage with their customers due to market saturation. They are also looking for new ways to raise money and increase their donor databases. Smart phone technology and social media offer partial solutions, but they are not effectively harnessed to provide brands with a complete package for consumer engagement and entertainment.

Both companies and charities have not yet capitalised on the potential marketing power of smartphones. According to the Harvard Business Review, the focus for marketing in this space needs to shift to a more engaging user experience. Early fan-based app innovations clearly demonstrate that mobile is a must for the future Fan Engagement Strategy.

Our clients are able offer their audiences a dramatically different and engaging experience. Team Tap motivates a much larger proportion of users through physical interaction – creating a buzz within the user-base that entices all individuals to participate at no cost to themselves.

Project Need

Conventional promotional activities using mobile phones at events have relied on the audience texting when prompted, to show support, to enter a competition, or to make a donation from their phone. In each of these cases the consumer is paying for the experience. Usually, there are only short-term rewards with only a small percentage of users declared “winners”. The percentage of users is commensurately low, and the information gained during such activities is limited.

All of these factors suggest that the smart phone app market is crying out for a simple tool with low barriers to participation that enables users to engage meaningfully in supporting a charity .

Charities are able to use the free app or we are are able to embed Team Tap into the charity's app to help with fan engagement and numbers. After the event we are able to provide the charity with data about who has played.

Team Tap is highly flexible in its potential applications for marketing campaigns. Essentially, its adoption is limited only by the creativity of the campaign or promotion design. Team Tap uses can be tailored for specific events and to specific charities, so each new Team Experience is unique. At the same time, users will become familiar with the Team Tap app and method, and will be more likely to participate at each new event. The platform thus provides the capacity for c to connect with their customer-base over a longer duration.

User Experience

Team Tap at a sporting match: two brands sponsor opposing rugby teams, and the teams each nominate a charity. Fans open the app and instantly become players who are encouraged to find as many other players as they can during to tap their phones with, each tap raising money for the nominated charities. At the completion of the the game, the team whose fans have made the most ‘taps’ wins – and all money raised goes to the nominated charities. The individual with the most taps also wins a prize.

Team Tap allows the creation of individual player profiles, which the user maintains across Team Tap events. In this way, the user can build their profile and keep track of how many Team Tap events they have participated in, and how much money they have raised for charity. At the same time, a robust back end provides clients with smart data on the engagement behaviour of these users, building a sophisticated profile over time that extends beyond the duration of any single event. With this data, charities can refine customer relationships and deliver a highly improved and tailored service.

Project Marketing

Team Tap has been built for the Android and iOS operating systems for smart phone devices. An agile content management system (CMS) has been created through which the client can decide on the game duration, sponsor amount, per tap donation amount, game dynamic and so on.

The Team Tap platform has received an extremely strong reception from potential clients as well as potential marketing and distributor partners. The platform has already been tested at numerous games, events (up to 30,000 capacity), and festivals.

We have a number of clients seeking solutions in this space. Brands are looking for opportunities to:
- Meaningfully engage with customers;
- Disrupt normal marketing channels to create buzz; and
- Expand and retain their customer base.

Sports teams, festivals and events are looking for ways to engage their fans at games and increase memberships.

Charities are looking for new ways to raise money and increase their donor databases.

Stadiums have to find new ways to compete with low hassle, low cost home entertainment experiences, and they are challenged by connectivity problems in stadiums.

In addition to its role raising money for charity, Team Tap’s platform provides a unique and tailored method for brands, teams and organisations to gather data on customer profiles and behaviour.

This data can be collected and converted into useful consumer intelligence, which is a major value proposition to clients, perhaps greater than the ‘social buzz’ proposition.

This category recognises applications developed for Not-For-Profit organisations and charities.
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