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Skoolbag [DRAFT]






Project Overview

The number one School Communication Mobile App in Australia with over 530 Schools using it currently and growing at around 20+ Schools a month.


Skoolbag Pty Ltd


Skoolbag is a self commissioned project that was developed to assist schools communicate better with their parent and student communities.

Project Brief

Skoolbag is the ultimate school to parent communication tool. This School Mobile App provides schools with an easy way to tell parents and carers everything they need to know about school news, newsletters, events calendar, cancellations, school notices, school information, school timetables, parent sick note forms, school documents and much more. No more lost paper in school bags!

Project Need

It is perfect for this particular competition category as the main adopter of our apps are schools who traditionally use paper and email based communication methods. Our app changes that, enabling documents, notices, pictures, videos, and text to be pushed directly to parents mobile devices like an SMS, but without the cost. Schools don't even have to maintain parent email databases. Content posted by a school can also be shared by the user on the users FB and Twitter feeds, which is great for promoting school events etc. Unlike other apps, the main content menu is API driven enabling Schools to create any content structure they like in their app in real-time, without the need to be re-submitted as an update to the app store.

User Experience

Our latest Version 2.0 has many engaging features including a chronological content feed, the abilty to pin favourite content, submit feedback on content entries, socially share content entries on FB and Twitter, and submit absent and/or sick notes back to the school. A user can also get GPS based directions to any address submitted posted into the app by the school.

Project Marketing

Word of mouth is our main marketing method as well as direct marketing to schools.

This category recognises education themed apps across all education sectors.
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