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E-Blind Design App [DRAFT]







Project Overview

The app was built to solve the problem of trawling the web or searching endlessly through print directories at blinds and shutters.

With the E-Blind Design App it's simple ... take a picture of your window, set the size of your blinds and then compare how various styles and colour will look on your very own window.

You can even share your picture with your friends or partner and get there opinion! Ready for a quote? The GPS functionality will display local suppliers so you can compare the deals they are offering.

Project Commissioner

Which Blinds

Project Creator

Fuse Mobile


What sets the E-Blind Design app apart is how it interprets the image of your window as to how it would look with particular types of blinds attached.

There are other apps that perform this basic function, however the E-Blind Design app continually takes it one step further.

First it let’s you choose from a variety of different designs and styles of blinds and shutters. Second it offer’s a day/night filter, allowing you to switch between them to see how the blind would look at any time. Then with the use of GPS tracking technology it tell's you where the closest retailers are to your home. Then the app allows you to send off for a quote all within the one package. Making the process of choosing and acquiring chosen blinds substantially easier, with a combination of smart camera technology, GPS tracking and Internet communications.

This project was developed, designed and project managed with a team of four mobile specialists from Fuse Mobile:

Lead developer
iOS developer
UX / Graphic designer
Project Manager

The Fuse Mobile design team delivered clean screen designs that allowed the user to easily navigate and perform the necessary functions to receive a quote from retailers.

Project Brief

The clients brief was to take the guesswork out of designing window dressings and to create an easy to use tool that would help the user visualise how new blinds and shutters will look on their windows.

Disappointed with the limited choices available on the market, we wanted to create something new and useful to assist the user in selecting the right blinds design, fabrics and colours for their home.

The overriding goal was to design and create an app that offered a realistic design and at the same time provides multiple retailer quotes and saves the user time and the hassle of flicking through countless brochures.

Great care was taken in providing a realistic design for the user to compare blinds and shutters. The grid to size the window consists of eight points so you can accurately fit the blinds to your window. The app also allows you to add multiple blinds to a single room, open and close your blinds and control the brightness of your room.

The built in gallery allows you to view, save and share your blinds via e-mail or Facebook. Once you have chosen which blinds look best in your room you can then select from the large independent database of local retailers for an in home design consultation.

Project Need

Solving the old as renovating itself question ‘How will these look in my house?’

The E-Blind Design app is an innovative part of the new wave of mobile and tablet based design and renovating apps; taking the headache out of the process for budding interior designers.

The app is unequaled in its usability; incorporating smart camera technology, the app lets you picture how blinds would look on your windows. Simply take a photo of the desired window, square off the window with the simple to use grid with eight adjustable parameters and choose the desired design and shade of blind. The app incorporates the unique features of open/close functionality as well as a day/night filter so you can picture how the blinds look in different settings.

The app then creates a list of local retailers and allows you to send a picture of your blind designs and to receive a quote. This takes it beyond simply being a design app, connecting consumers with retailers, further taking the tedious work out of renovating.

User Experience

The app is unequaled in its usability and can be used immediately without registering any personal details. It was important to allow the user to quickly sample the different styles and colours of blinds and shutters available by getting ‘creative’ and taking pictures easily to create multiple rooms to be saved within their own gallery.

Every user action was instantly intuitive by either a tap / scroll or slider and the UX designer ensured each step was as efficient as possible with one action required to move through the user journey.

The clients have worked in the industry for a number of years and understand the buying process customers undertook when choosing their blinds / shutters. They wanted the user experience to be an effortless process of trialing different styles and colours against the backdrop of their own rooms and tested the app in beta version with potential customers.

User feedback enabled us to simplify the user journey and to deliver a product that users found useful when choosing blinds and shutters.

Project Marketing

The application is one component of a broad marketing strategy for the Which Blinds? business the online home for all things windows and blinds – keeping consumers up to date on styles, trends and deals! This incorporates a directory and network of suppliers, manufacturers and fitters of blinds, shutters, awnings, fabrics, curtains and much more!

The Which Blinds? website acts as a hub for all the marketing and promotional activities and the app feeds into this strategy. Social media channels such as LinkedIn groups, Twitter and Facebook as well as regular content and posts on everything related to the process of choosing and selecting blinds, interior design and renovating properties draws people to download the app and discover the Which Blinds? business.

The customer has the perfect tool in the iPhone app to make the decision easy when choosing their window furnishings and as part of the company's goal the business acts as a useful resource when catching up on styles trends and fabrics. The feedback and positive reviews from customers and industry to the apps usability and usefulness has proved the app has been a huge success within its chosen market.

This category relates to applications that have been developed to promote retail shopping.
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