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AM Dinner- The late night eats app [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Finally, the answer to the late night munchies!
AM Dinner lets you know what's still open and how to get there when you need it most!

Whether it be a popular late night restaurant, your favourite takeaway or a food van, AM Dinner has you covered!

Search, get directions, rate and review those hilarious late night feasts with your mates!




David Emmerson- Multimedia and web developer and designer
Stuart Emmerson- Design, strategy and marketing

Project Brief

Where do you go to eat when everything else is closed?
Looking for a specific something in the after hours?
What is open late and how do you find out?
With all these questions, we came up with the answer- AM Dinner.
We set out to create an application which was not only practical, but also fun and added excitement into looking for a place to eat in the after hours.

The application includes thousands of late night places Australia wide, with opening hours, addresses and opportunity for users to add their own comments, ratings and reviews, and to interact with and grow the AM Dinner community.

It is an application which appeals to a diverse audience, from late working professionals, young party goers, university students, shift workers or anyone that’s just hungry in the after hours.

Integrated with Facebook and Apple maps, it utilizes a unique platform for delivering easily accessible information to the users fingertips.

Project Need

In a country where most places close before midnight, this application is the answer for what's still open.
Whether you're working longer and later and finally have time for dinner at 1am, or on a night out searching for a specific cuisine, AM Dinner provides the solution.

Being an original concept, with a unique data selection, all entries have been independently sourced to ensure accuracy and quality. Places include late night restaurants, to popular take-away chains, kebab and other food vans, convenience and grocery stores, and late night bottle shops too.

User Experience

An easily accessible, intuitive and entertaining user experience was what we set out to achieve.
Currently available on the apple app store, users download the application and have the option to register with integrated Facebook or create an AM Dinner account.

Along with a playful introduction splash screen, and burger loading animation, users are greeted with a simple 'I need food' button. A single press of this button leads to a list of all food venues currently open and operating. Completely customized, the list shows distances to the eateries, category types, addresses, ratings and the feature opening hours ring (which changes to orange an hour before it closes).

Once a place is selected, further details reveal, with options to rate, review, add photos, view opening hours, check in on Facebook and save the place in favourites. The list of open places can also be shown on the map, and directions can be easily accessed through the place page.

For more advanced searching, users can explore suburbs, various food categories and popular places to satisfy their food cravings in the after hours.

Project Marketing

Having just launched, AM Dinner has begun its marketing campaign through its website and various other channels .

These include social media channels such as Facebook- with a dedicated page to all things late night food and advertising to target audiences, a twitter, and an Instagram.

PR and Promotional mail-outs are being sent to major papers, late night and food blog sites and app and tech sites.
We are also in the process of sending electronic mail-outs to featured late night food venues Australia wide, and along with this we will be sending promotional material to them, so they can advertise their presence on the app to their customers.

We have initially also been conducting face-to-face marketing, handing out promotional cards and giving demonstrations, straight at the source of late night eateries, so those vendors and patrons are in the know and can further spread the word.

We are targeting other late night venues too, such as 24 hour Gyms, nightclubs, etc. All of which hone in on the target market.

AM Dinner reached position #13 on its first weekend in the food and drink category in the app store, and having been approached by Melbourne's the Herald Sun and local newspapers, we're excited to see how AM Dinner continues to develop.

This category relates to applications themed around nightlife. Applications promoting nighttime events and nightclubs would enter here.
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