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carsales.com.au iOS app [DRAFT]






Project Overview

A complete overhaul of the carsales.com.au iOS app, using all native controls, refreshed UI and new search technology providing a far improved user experience. Our app has been consistently well rated and is receiving record traffic levels.

"Brilliant. Extremely user friendly. Easy to navigate. Carsales.com.au has made reviewing and buying cars an art form." said Felicia W.




carsales.com team

Project Brief

Driven by rapid growth in demand for a high performance experience, the team at carsales.com.au rebuilt our iOS app from the ground up.

Performance, improved usability and delivery of highly requested features were the focus of this new version. Mobile and app traffic are contributing a rapidly growing proportion of our overall growth, so our product and design focus in 2013 shifted to improvements in this area.

With an extensive installed base of our existing app, we looked to our community for feedback and direction when designing the new version. Performance was key, and taking advantage of native iOS controls allowed us to dramatically improve the actual and perceived speed of the app.

Project Need

Using an all native interface, we were able to achieve dramatic performance improvements. An all new API was built to support our native apps, and in house search technology replaced our legacy implementation.

With growth in tablet usage, this was our first universal app, both iPad and iPhone compatible. The iPad side by side view of search and details on iPad allows users to simultaneously scroll through results and view ad details.

Snap 'n' Sell allows sellers to now create, edit and manage their advertisement, as well as viewing vital ad performance statistics. Using iPhone or iPad cameras, sellers can take photos of their car, write their copy and get their ad online within minutes.

User Experience

Feedback from our installed base was critical in improving the user experience of the app. Simple saving, sharing and social links makes researching your next car enjoyable and easy.

Some important improvements to UX include the iPad side by side view, consistent navigation and tool designs with other carsales platforms, simple to understand use of iOS gestures (swipe and pinch) and large high resolution imagery.

Useful features such as distance and location search, on road cost calculators, personalised search and car valuations round out the complete car search experience.

Project Marketing

The carsales mobile strategy has been consistently supported with on site digital creative, SEO landing pages and heavily promoted by a product based TV campaign.

This category recognises the best expanded mobile service or application.
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