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BizSync by AppyDays [DRAFT]





Project Overview

At AppyDays, we know business process. We understand, embrace and encourage company growth and the necessity to have sound business practices in place.

AppyDays has developed a unique Business System called BizSync and BizForms which enables the user to run his entire operation from a mobile device from anywhere in the world.

We provide a mobile solution that links business to business and their employees. We eliminate the need for paper and most phone calls by using familiar technology to enhance your work space.




Project -

Creative Team - Our team is made up of success hungry, born and bred Australians. This is one of our biggest strengths as all the development was done in house. We were able to monitor the progress of development daily to unsure that the highest possible quality development was ascertained. We are passionate about connecting business to business and employees to employers.

Project Brief

We have a vision to change the way in which business is done today.

Reminiscent of the times when e-mail just came into play and the way in which that connected businesses around the world.

We want to eliminate the use of paper completely and create paperless work environments, and in the process make business more sustainable as the need for paper diminishes.

Some Testimonials

Wayne Hughes – Director – The Uni-Span Group
Gone are the days in which a lengthy email trail or multiple telecoms were required. Every user is accountable for their actions and BizSync’s transparency ensures everyone is on the same page!

Adam Young – Director – SafeGuard Scaffolding
I love the way in which BizSync is designed as it allows me to have a complete overview of my business whilst my employees only have access to the functionality they require.

Jason Swan – QLD manager – Kings Logistics
AppyDays came up with a simple web-based solution for our company to work hand-in-hand with Uni-Span’s system. We were no longer being bombarded with multiple calls and emails to relay essential information for a single job.

We connect business to business, suppliers to people and people to places.

We want to ensure that at any point in time those that need to be in the know actually are.

Project Need

Paperless work environment
BizSync and BizForms creates a virtual clipboard that converts all paper and carbon copy books to electronic format
These can be completed and signed for via the web or on the application
Once completed the form is e-mailed to the relative contacts to the site: For example on a building site: The Builder,the Contracts Administrator and the service provider will get a copy instantaneously as the form is completed

Ability to work in your time
As BizSync is a cloud solution you will never be off the grid, no matter what time it is you can work with the company that you are connected to.

Working remotely
We wanted to give people the same functionality on a cruise ship in the Bahamas, as they would have at their desk in the office.

Streamline business processes
By eliminating dirt data and data transfer by integrating into existing systems there is no more need to relay, retype or transcribe instructions. they are simply pushed along the system with push notifications

Enforcing protocols
By creating rules and hoops for users to jump through, protocol and process can be enforced with BizSync - Without completing steps 1 , 2 and 3 it is impossible to complete set 4. This is ensures accountability, as well as a easier adherence to set protocol.

Accountability and Transparency
BizSync logs user actions and movements so the chain of responsibility is painfully obvious

User Experience

Users are able to access BizSync's web application from any mobile device - very important for ensuring users have access to the entire system, as if they are at their own desktop computer.

BizSync's native application is downloaded directly to a user's device once they have navigated to the correct website and inputted their relative access details. BizSync intuitively knows who you are, your organisational affiliation and your respective roles within a single business, or one possessing multiple entities.

Connectivity to BizSync was one of our key focal points. We understand that users can become irritated and valuable work can be lost if a mobile device does not have adequate WiFi or cellular connectivity when certain requests or actions are executed. Consequently, the Appy Days team took the necessary steps to identify (through our current user experiences) specific features of the native application that MUST be functional offline and made them so.

Project Marketing

As funds are quite limited our marketing strategy is quite minimalistic at the moment.

We recently expo'd at the QLD safety show and received amazing feed back from people in over 10 different industries

These include:
• Construction
o Labour Hire
o Scaffolding
o Formwork
o Steel fixing
o Electrical Contractors
o FLIR camera operators
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Aged Care
• Retail
• Wholesale distribution
• Manufacturing
• Hardware providers

We give hands on demonstrations where user can actually use the system relative to their industry and get a real world, hands on experience.

We believe in the term of " Demo or Die"

Much interest was received by companies falling under larger groups with some having multiple offices located around the globe. Due to the transparency, efficiency and instantaneous results of the BizSync system, individuals could quickly realise the benefits that the application could offer them and their business. Value was derived from the use of better tendering tools, improving customer relations and keeping tabs on employees from the bottom line up. Furthermore, no matter how large a company or how dispersed geographically, BizSync’s forms are dynamic and can cater for any organisation.Dependent on where you are and who you are, forms headers and details change automatically to suit location and role.

The category relates to applications themed around project management.
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