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Up The Duff [DRAFT]




Project Overview

The Up the Duff app is a companion the the top-selling book by the same name by Australian author Kaz Cooke. A witty, funny, yet wise guide to pregnancy, the Up the Duff app brings real world experience to every would-be mother with handy tips and important medical information for those on the go.

The Up the Duff app is a beautiful and interactive app that makes everybody appreciate the journey of pregnancy in the most practical way possible.

Project Commissioner

Penguin Australia

Project Creator

Outware Mobile


User Experience Design and Development by Outware Mobile
Visual Design by Penguin Australia

Project Brief

Outware Mobile were engaged to develop the Up the Duff app on iPhone and iPad. The brief was to create an app that would both complement and enhance the best-selling book of the same name, by providing users with relevant information and interactive features that they could use on the go.

Outware Mobile had to work closely with author Kaz Cooke to implement custom designs throughout the app to ensure the app was both beautiful and fun, but also practical and easy to use.

Project Need

Being pregnant can be a daunting and scary experience for many mothers. There’s so much information to take in and so many things to keep track of. The Up The Duff app provides mothers-to-be with practical advice and tips, and handy tools to manage their pregnancy.

Interactive features include:
Due date calculator
Checklist style shopping lists for maternity clothes, baby clothes and equipment
Lists for baby names
Photo feature to record the growing bump every month

The Up the Duff app provides witty, real-world advice about pregnancy worries, emotions, nausea, exercise, natural therapies, medication and much more.

User Experience

The Up the Duff app is focussed on giving users a complementary experience to the book. The app is designed to give users convenient tools and handy advice on the go. With the understanding that reading huge bodies of text on a mobile phone is not always easy, the app provides more in-depth articles in the iPad format.

Beautifully designed, with a simple and intuitive navigation, decorated with funny cartoons, the Up the Duff app makes life just a little easier in a time that can be more than a little overwhelming for many women.

Project Marketing

The Up the Duff app was promoted heavily on the success of the best selling book of the same name “Up the Duff: The Real Guide to Pregnancy” by Kaz Cooke, generating word of mouth marketing from fans of the book. The app is also advertised on Penguin Australia’s website, Kaz Cooke’s website and on bookworld.com.au.

This category relates to applications that provide or promote a medical service or information.
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