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Guild Insurance SAFETY Tool App [DRAFT]




Project Overview

Your new client Tony hasn’t exercised for many years and is overweight and unfit.

He wants to go from fit to fabulous by losing a certain amount of weight in time for his wedding. As a Fitness Professional, can you determine Tony’s exercise risks and safely navigate him to a realistic goal?

The SAFETY Tool App takes a light-hearted approach to the important messages of the SAFETY Tool acronym, encouraging fitness professionals to start thinking about the risks they may face in their day to day work.

Project Commissioner

Guild Insurance and Fitness Australia

Project Creator



Content: Leanne Toby (Guild Insurance)
Concept & Script: Liz Mclean (Butterfly)
Design: Sophie Gulbenkian (Butterfly)
Character Design & Animation: XYZ Studios
Producer: Amey Lee (Butterfly)
Guild Project Manager: Alison Crawford
Developer: Xiaotian Tan (Butterfly)

Project Brief

Taking Guild Insurance’s idea and desire for an App to communicate important risk management messages to fitness professionals, the SAFETY Tool App delivers this in a fun and engaging way. Mobile was the medium of choice due to high mobile engagement in the fitness sector. And it needed to be awesome enough that it would be kept on a user’s phone as a point of information reference.

Using the content for the SAFETY Tool acronym from Guild Insurance’s Riskequip website, we developed the App concept into a scenario-based game with Tony as the central character. Building a story around Tony, we then engaged the expertise of XYZ Studios to develop the Tony character and animate him into the scripted scenarios.

Players use the SAFETY Tool acronym (Stop and think, Analyse and evaluate, Follow the Right Practice, Evaluate your actions, Teamwork and communication, and You are responsible) to make in-game choices for Tony that implement a realistic and safe fitness program for him to reach his goal.

Project Need

The Guild Insurance Riskequip website is full of useful risk management content for fitness professionals in the form of articles and surveys. Our research showed that fitness professionals are very active on the mobile platform, so the App was an opportunity to take engagement to a new level by presenting important content in a new way through the mobile medium.

User Experience

The scenario-based learning where players make choices and there are consequences to the character as a result, helps to reinforce the important message. But keeping the tone comical and fun means that players are more likely to play to the end and absorb all the risk management learning the game has to offer.

The SAFETY acronym appears down the side panel for the entire game and clicking on the letters allows players to reference the meanings of the acronym at any time in the game without losing their place.

Project Marketing

The marketing strategy will focus on Guild Insurance and Fitness Australia getting the SAFETY Tool App in the palms of fitness professionals where they can access the important risk messages at the touch of a mobile screen. Initiatives will include direct email marketing to the target audience and landing pages that promote the App. The App is available free of charge to encourage maximum uptake.

This category relates to educational and family games developed for the mobile platform.
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