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My Child's eHealth record [DRAFT]



Project Overview

Australia’s first national scale eHealth app – now in the palm of your hand.

Now it’s easier than ever for parents to monitor the health of their child. The My Child’s eHealth Record app epitomises Australia’s ongoing push for the digitisation of health care records.

Project Commissioner

Department of Health and Ageing

Project Creator

Deloitte Digital


Deloitte Digital
Heiko Waechter
Esan Tabrizi
Diane Baggs
Rick Breumelhof
Richard Chieng
Angel Chuang
Bradley Clayton
Jennifer Cochrane
Andrew De Pietrantonio
Beau Lidden
Kylie Martin
Amy Meyer
Barry Molony
Hadi Salem
Chris van Raay
Case Beaman
Ratul Kislaya
Mark Watson
Benjamin McCartney
Ray Bradley
Linda Chai

Project Brief

In partnership with the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) and the National eHealth Transition Authority (NeHTA), Deloitte Digital has realised the future of online health care. With iOS and Android support, smartphone users across the country can access to the My Child’s eHealth Record app and take advantage of features based on native phone functions such as, calendar integration for scheduling important health checks and a child’s immunisation records).

Project Need

The current paper based child growth chart and immunisation records in each jurisdiction (in NSW known as the Blue Book) have been an integral part of the parent, child, and clinician relationship for many years; monitoring a child’s growth and development milestones. Now, for the first time ever, a digital solution has been developed for the entire nation. Using my.gov.au credentials, parents can log into the My Child’s eHealth Record app and make growth chart observations, fill out pre-health check questionnaires, view immunisation schedules and completed immunisations for their children.

User Experience

From the first time the user logs on – all that is needed to keep records on their child’s growth and development is a few taps away. The child dashboard is the central hub of the app – designed to display all the basic information about a child. From there, users can navigate to important reminders, view information articles relevant to their child’s age and state, complete relevant development questionnaires, schedule health check appointments, and so much more. The app retains a familiar navigation framework so parents will feel right at home as they explore the possibilities of the My Child’s eHealth Record app.

Project Marketing

This is a government initiative, so the campaign is tied around existing government policies. As this is the mobile channel for an existing initiative – the personally controlled electronic health record, the current marketing strategy is closely tied to that record. I


This category relates to applications that provide or promote a medical service or information.
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