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Jacob’s Creek's The Wine Line App [DRAFT]





Project Overview

An innovative, augmented reality app from Jacob’s Creek that has been designed to provide consumers with an innovative way to learn about standard wine serves. The app also demonstrates the varying alcohol content in different wine styles and varietals.

Project Commissioner

Premium Wine Brands

Project Creator

Webling Interactive


Richard Salter/Creative Director

Project Brief

In recent research, Jacob’s Creek found that only 86% of Australians were aware of what constituted a “standard drink”. Research showed that with different sizes of glasses available in restaurants and bars, plus inconsistent pouring made it very challenging for consumers to actively monitor their consumption.

In 2012 Jacob’s Creek launched a “Know the Wine Line” campaign and this year the brand (and its parent company Premium Wine Brands) wanted to take the social responsibility and education platform further and wanted to extend the campaign’s reach via a mobile app.

Mobile was identified as a key channel to communicate the campaign message via a branded utility app and address the problem of wine drinkers not knowing where “the wine line” was.

Project Need

The Wine Line mobile App, in a world first, combined touch-based volume measurement with alcohol percentage data to calculate the user’s standard drinks over time.

The app featured an innovative way of estimating how much alcohol consumers were drinking. By using the smartphone camera to take a snapshot of the glass, then getting them to simply trace the shape of the wine in the glass, the app calculated the volume.

Then, by simply selecting the type of alcohol from a selection in the app or entering the alcohol percentage manually, consumers could easily calculate the alcohol content of the glass they were drinking.

This innovative experience directly amplified the campaign message of responsible consumption of alcohol by taking a traditional awareness message and turning it into a dynamic, real-world interactive experience at the actual point of consumption.

User Experience

The user begins by selecting “Scan your drink”. The app then tells users to line the glass they are drinking up with the smartphone camera at a specific distance and position, and takes a photo.

By controlling the distance, the app could understand the total volume of the glass.

Next, users simply trace the outline of the liquid on screen with their finger, then select the wine style or varietal they are drinking (or enter the alcohol percentage manually)

The app then applies the Australian Drink Guidelines formula and accurately estimates the number of standard drinks in the glass.

Consumers could then add that drink to their drink tracker, which kept a live record of how many standard drinks they were consuming over time, providing an always-on, one touch guide.

Project Marketing

The app is a world first therefore the marketing strategy’s main goal was to share the news with the media via press release and a formal launch event.

The innovation of the App appealed to the media and the app grabbed the attention of both national and international news outlets. The coverage across print, online, radio and consumer technology exceeded 100 separate articles and features, with a combined reach of over 30 million.

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