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Project Overview

Starbucks recently engaged Gruden to create their very first official mobile app for the Australasian market. They were crying out for a true 'queue-busting' mobile solution. A platform for now and the future. An app that empowered customers to focus on what they love doing most - enjoying the food and beverages!

They now have an app which;
- Does exactly this +
- Has a 5 Star iTunes rating
- Has been consistently ranked in the Top 50 for the hotly contested 'Food & Drink' category
- Has been downloaded 5000+ times to date (& counting)*

Project Commissioner

Starbucks Coffee Company (Australia) Pty Ltd

Project Creator

Starbucks Coffee Company (Australia) Pty Ltd


- Richard Dael, Managing Director (Starbucks)
- Jagan Lamb, Marketing & Category Manager (Starbucks)
- Ingrid Schroder, Marketing Specialist (Starbucks)

- Andrew Fyfe, Account Director
- Georgie Horvath, Project Manager
- Daniel Scow, Creative Director
- Marty Lofberg, Creative Lead
- Filippo Vitale, Platform Architect
- Jason Kho, Technical Lead
- Felix Wong, Mobile Developer

Project Brief

Brief: We want an industry-leading, 'user-loved' digital loyalty app which will enable any customer to pay faster than saying "A tall skim, vanilla, latte please"...

Response: Sure. Can do. Lets work out what your customers really, really need and oh, by the way we have just the platform for you.

Leveraging from our GRP (Gruden Retail Platform) we created a tailored, personalised, market-leading iOS app setting Starbucks up for the now, not-to-distant future and beyond.

Enabling anyone to; Find the closest Starbucks store. Keep tabs on the wide-ranging menu options. Pay quickly, on the spot, on the go. Manage their credit. Enjoy what they've just ordered - sooner rather than later. And also conceptualise and build future features, packaged and at-the-ready to be strategically rolled out in the coming months.

Project Need

Starbucks leverages from our very own retail platform (GRP) created in-house. A cloud-hosted system that creates a live connection between a brand’s point of sale system (POS) and their customers via a branded native smartphone app.

Facilitating amongst many other things; mobile ordering, mobile payment, digital wallet and a multitude of loyalty and engagement functions.

None of which existed locally before the creation of this app. Many, many features delivered to Starbucks customers - most importantly - what they want & need right now and providing a plethora of future possibilities for Starbucks Australia.

User Experience

The primary purpose of the app was to provide all Starbucks customers a super, super quick & simple way to pay with and manage their Starbucks digital loyalty card.

- With a single wave at the point-of-sale (POS) system in store - payments are made
- In a few seconds they can view transactions made or quickly 'top-up' their Starbucks card (credit)
- With a single click they can view the latest menu or locate the nearest Starbucks stores

We needed to develop a 'queue-busting' solution after all. So the key was to keep things simple. Streamline the UI & workflow. Focus on only the features the end user needed (asked for). Extensive usability testing and an iterative QA 'loop' was also integrated throughout the entire lifecycle of product development.

Project Marketing

Part of our strategy was not to follow what everyone else had done to date. Good mobile loyalty products but unfortunately - 'over-cooked'. The key user focus (& needs) either completely forgotten or not catered for (now). We were very conscious of not making the same mistake and to learn from feedback collated and these 3rd party experiences.

Our key focus; in as few steps as possible direct a customer to the nearest Starbucks store and with a single wave at the point-of-sale (MICROS POS) system - pay for their order. Valuable seconds and minutes when you're standing in a queue. A time saver for both the end-user and Starbucks staff.

To enable this we developed an app with; Very focused features. A branded experience. Built-in GPS smarts. A tailored experience (personalised). Effortless to use and re-use. It is tailored for each individual customer, wrapped in a simple, personalised, user-friendly interface. Quick & very useful to the end user. Meaning user engagement is high and importantly - sustained.

Customers are engaged because they now have an app that is; personalised, simple, quick and has features they will use all the time.

This category relates to applications that facilitate retail purchase via the mobile platform.
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